Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

The attempt to lose two hours in a marathon in which everything is worth

The barrier of the two hours in the marathon is so far an impassable threshold for the human being. A wall that the world record holder and Olympic champion, the Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, will try to bring down this Saturday in Vienna. For this, he will have all the possible aids: a car will open the way to the entourage of 41 hares that will help him in his attempt to get off the two hours. In addition, the Kenyan will run with slippers that carry a carbon plate on the floor that allows him to make a spring effect on each step. In addition, there will be no doping control.

Everything is worth to beat a brand that obsesses the world of athletics. There are no limits. The time, 8:15 is considered ideal for the temperature and climatic conditions to address the circuit that will give something more than four laps around the famous ferris wheel of the Prater.

The brand, of course, is not homologated and will not count as a world record although it lowers the 2:01:39 that Kipchoge himself has As the world's best brand. This is the second "illegal" attempt by the Kenyan to run below two hours. In his previous attempt, last year in Monza, he had 26 seconds left. He stayed at 2:00:25. A record that is useless. "I run to tell all generations of this world that no human being has limits, "says the Kenyan. "It's not about money, but about running, making history and changing people's lives," he adds.

It is not a matter of money, but for his attempt he has the support of Jim Ratcliffe, president and executive director of the chemical empire Ineos and the richest man in the United Kingdom.

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