The Atlético de Madrid falls thrashed in a damn scenario | sports

The Atlético de Madrid falls thrashed in a damn scenario | sports

The players of the Atlético de Madrid female have played this Wednesday in a cursed place, the AOK Stadium, in Wolfsburg. Surely the 12-2 in harvested last season against the same rival (and that cost the post to the former coach, Angel Villacampa) is still recorded in the memory of mattresses. This year was different, although the final 4-0 reflected the superiority of a Wolfsburg who was better physically and technically and who cornered his field to Atletico Madrid throughout the game.

The match started with a slogan for Atlético: not to repeat the mistakes of last season, when four goals in the first 15 minutes led the team to lower their arms and receive a shower of goals. This time the Madrilenians not only came out concentrated in defense, but they allowed themselves a quarter of an hour to press in three quarters of field and make difficult the exit of the ball. However, the equality lasted what it took to get into play the elegant Hansen, a player full of class who, attached to the right wing, began to see the spaces. A couple of his passes to the hole left Harder alone before the goalkeeper, Lola Gallardo, but the Danish had still the peephole diverted.

By then, the attack of a very retired Atlético de Madrid had already been reduced to what the long balls sent to Ludmila threw. One of them allowed the Brazilian to stand alone in front of Schult after getting rid of her pair with a cut, but the shot crashed against the German goalkeeper, who had time to get on top. It was one of the clearest chances of Ludmila, an island that tried everything to give her team at least one goal in the opposite field that gave some hope. It could not be.

At the beginning of the second half, it was precisely what Atlético de Madrid tried to avoid in the first: four goals in the first 20 minutes. The first, Herder, who did not want to forgive more. The front was planted in the vicinity of the area before Silvia Meseguer, who hesitated to put the foot. The auction, crossed and bitten, slipped to Lola Gallardo under the armpit. An infrequent mistake in one of the best goalkeepers of the Iberdrola League.

The second goal came just three minutes later in a lateral foul by Hansen. Ewa Pajor, whose speed was already beginning to give problems to the mattress defense, anticipated with a powerful jump to Laia Alexandri to put the ball in the net of a header. The Pole was also the protagonist of the third: Alexandri left behind with a gallop and left the ball frank for Hansen, who defined with quality to the long pole.

Minutes before, Atlético de Madrid coach, Sánchez Vera, had already withdrawn Amanda Sampedro to form a three defense with Tounkara, Alexandri and Linari, looking to avoid more goals against while the team insisted on percussing through the indefatigable Ludmila. . The result was the opposite: from Tounkara Herder undid with a reverse to nail the shot over Gallardo and make the fourth.

With little to lose and still 20 minutes ahead, Sánchez Vera retired a defense, Linari, to give entry to an attacker, Esther. The player more in the offensive actions sat well to the team, that could cut the bleeding of goals and, even, get to worry Schult. One of the few breaths that the Germans gave in their asphyxiating pressure was taken advantage of by Alexandri to go out from behind driving the ball and find clearly Jennifer Beautiful, who returned to filter a pass to Ludmila. The German defense went quickly to solve the imbalance.

It was the last chance to score a goal from AOK Stadium with which to believe in the miracle. Now, to overcome the tie in the second leg will not only be necessary for Atlético de Madrid to beat the very powerful German team, but to challenge the evident superiority of Central European women's football over the Liga Iberdrola. Maybe a company still too ambitious. For now, a 12-2 became a 4-0. It's already something.

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