April 14, 2021

The asylum of the Peruvian exjuez in Spain must be resolved before extradition

The asylum of the Peruvian exjuez in Spain must be resolved before extradition

The president of the Judicial Power of Peru, Víctor Prado, explained today that the extradition process of the ex-judge César Hinostroza, fled from his country and now imprisoned in a prison in Spain, must wait for the Spanish authorities to "solve" the asylum application .

During a meeting with the Foreign Press Association in Peru (APEP), Prado explained that "according to Spanish legislation," a case like Hinostroza's requires a "decisive" resolution on the asylum application before continuing with the extradition process.

Hinostroza, who is accused of leading a great corruption plot within the Peruvian judiciary, fled to Spain on October 7, even though he had a ban on leaving the country.

Once installed in Madrid, he presented a request for asylum to the Spanish authorities, as confirmed by the governments of Spain and Peru.

However, after a request from Peru, the former judge was arrested and transferred to the Madrid prison of Soto del Real, waiting for the Spanish justice to solve his extradition.

In this regard, Prado regretted that Peru, as well as other Latin American countries, are "condemned to suffer the formal classic rules, long times and complex decisions involved in the extradition procedure", for not having "mechanisms of international judicial cooperation "How is the Euro Order.

However, he expressed confidence that the bilateral process "will achieve the results of a cooperation based on the fight against corruption."

He also referred to the delay of Congress in referring Hinostroza's complaint to the Prosecutor's Office, which was used by the ex-magistrate to escape through the border with Ecuador, thanks to the presumed connivance of an immigration control officer.

"It seems that we are still in the time of the cart, here we must use technology, if I have a file, why can not I scan it to send it to the prosecutor?" He said.

"Connectivity exists and it is important that countries use it," he added.

He also called on the institutions to take into account that "the orders to stop the country from leaving are not eternal", and that "it has a legal deadline", so the parties that required this prohibition "must be vigilant" .

Hinostroza was dismissed and disqualified for ten years by Congress, which also approved criminal charges for illegal patronage, incompatible negotiation, influence peddling and criminal organization.

The ex-judge presided over the Second Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court and was the highest ranking judge of "Los collos blancos del puerto", a network of influence peddling, favors and prevarication that also involved politicians and businessmen.


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