September 27, 2020

The Association of Prosecutors asks politicians to respect their independence

The Association of Prosecutors, the majority in the fiscal career in Spain, has asked politicians to "respect the independence" of the Public Ministry with respect to political power and rejected any interference of the Executive branch over the members of the Prosecutor's Office.

This is one of the requests made by the members of this association of prosecutors, to which 530 members of the 2,700 existing prosecutors in Spain belong, during the two-day Congress held in Bilbao and which has been closed by the prosecutor General of the State, María José Segarra, in an intervention in which he has confined himself to explaining the challenges ahead of the fiscal career.

Cristina Dexeus, re-elected president of the Association in the vote held shortly before the closing ceremony, said in statements to the media that the words of the acting President of the Government and candidate of the PSOE to re-election, Pedro Sánchez on the dependence of the Government Prosecutor, generated "discomfort" and "alarm" among their associates, as they have exposed during the congress in Bilbao.

Dexeus has considered that "politicians have to be demanded a level of knowledge of the institutions and responsibility when making their statements, because those words have sat down badly because we do not depend on the Government as evidenced in the trial of 'procés' ".

The president-elect has explained that other of the demands that have been agreed in Congress is to advance in the separation of the relationship that the State Prosecutor's Office still has with the Ministry of Justice in matters of training, budgets and material means and acquire autonomy for the "self-regulation" of the Public Ministry.

The Congress has also made an explicit recognition of the work of the prosecutors in the summary of the "procés" and the professional work that they have developed during the oral trial in the Supreme Court, have supported "the partners of the fiscal career in Catalonia" and demanded "Respect for the Law and the Rule of Law in all the territories of the State".

They have also requested that the working conditions of the prosecutors of Catalonia be guaranteed and that the State Attorney General's Office "lead the defense of the institution and its independence."

They have demanded, in addition, the repeal of the reform of 2015, of the Government of Mariano Rajoy, of article 324 of the Law of Criminal Procedure that set maximum deadlines for the investigation of criminal cases.

In his speech, the Chief State Prosecutor, María José Sagarra, said that the fiscal career "needs organizational changes, since the last reform of the Statute of the Fiscal Ministry dates from 2007 and we need to adapt to the new needs posed by the new challenges of crime. "

He has reiterated his willingness to have the participation of the boards of prosecutors and the associations of prosecutors when developing his line of work that aims to achieve a new regulation of the Prosecutor and a new Statute "as necessary prolegomenon to that reform that we are always demanding the Criminal Procedure Law to give us to the prosecutor the instruction and investigation of the procedures and place the judges in the field of guarantees, which is the model that exists in our environment. "

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