Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Association of Professionals of Agbar is born to defend the technological hub Barcelona-Agua

The Association of Agbar Professionals has been launched this month in order to develop new technologies that protect the population from effects of the climate crisis. The members that form it consider that the knowledge and experience accumulated by the professionals of the company are very useful to give real and applicable solutions. "Today's decisions will affect us dramatically in the future: it is not the time for ideological experiments," says the president of the Association of Professionals of Agbar, Marina Arnaldos, 33-year-old engineer, and who has also chaired Young's Spanish chapter. Water Professionals

The group is committed to public-private collaboration model and ensures that “the Catalan hub, with a clear commitment to the city, and is one of its main engines of economic activity, generation of job opportunities – especially for young people in skilled workplaces – and worldwide projection, ”explains Arnaldos. In 2019 alone, more than 7,000 experts from all over the world have visited the facilities to learn first-hand how it works and what innovations Agbar professionals bring.

They insist that, from various political spheres of the Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Metropolitan area, his professionalism is questioned while giving impetus to a strategy that seeks to eliminate the presence of its group in Barcelona. According to Arnaldos, "this strategy is due to purely ideological positions, which do not respond to technical, efficiency, economic or social criteria in relation to the public service we provide in the city." The Association recalls that there are constant measures of administrative harassment of group companies, public campaigns of media defamation, announcements of populist consultations around water and, in general, unfair manipulation that affects the perception of their work .

Likewise, this company affects the high level of investments that it makes annually to improve the efficiency and quality of service to the population. Every year, Agbar invests more than 60 million euros in the distribution network and 4.9 million euros in innovation that has an impact on more than 22 million euros in return for the city of Barcelona. In addition, it invests in talent and R&D, promoting research projects worth 25.6 million euros in collaboration with 356 partners (including universities, technology centers, public administrations and other companies in the sector) internationally.

In turn, the Association of Professionals of Agbar intends to hold several meetings and meetings with key entities of the city, to publicize its activity and raise awareness about the importance of the Barcelona-Agua technological hub. It also promises to publish articles and studies in different formats and organize several informative conferences to communicate the creation and objectives of the Association to all professionals who are part of the Agbar Group and expand its social base.

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