February 28, 2021

The Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory offers to Defense to give training in military academies

The Association has been searching for people disappeared due to Franco’s repression for twenty years and wants to bring their experience to the Army classrooms. That is why this Friday he addressed the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, “to offer his file and his experience in alleviating the consequences of a dictatorship headed by the military man Francisco Franco, in order to strengthen the democratic values ​​that the Ministry has proposed to military academies. ”

The group indicates that it has accumulated knowledge in twenty years of experience “in dozens of reports, publications, audiovisual productions and other materials that can be used as didactic units in Army academies.”

In his letter, officially registered and addressed to Margarita Robles, he begins by stating the following: “We have heard of the circular issued by the Ministry of Defense, to all military academies, in which the need to promote content related to the democratic values ​​and human rights “.

“Emphasize the importance of human rights”

After that, the association explains that it makes all the material it has available to the Ministry of Defense, if it considers it appropriate. It also offers the participation of experts, who could teach classes within military academies.

“The objective would be to promote and emphasize the importance of human rights from the history of our country and of a regime headed by a military coup that prevented the exercise of fundamental rights for almost four decades,” they point out from the ARMH. They also offer the participation of family members who guard the memory of the victims of the dictatorship.

The president of the ARMH, Emilio Silva, considers that “a recommendation by the ministry is not enough; we must act decisively in the face of worrying demonstrations by people linked to the Army, which denote enormous deficiencies in terms of democratic culture.”

The letter sent to the ministry explains that “our society has built human rights based on human rights violations, and it should not remember them at times when their guarantee is in danger, but must reinforce in all cases. spheres of society a solid and deep democratic culture, compatible with the development of any ideology within the framework of a democracy “.

The ARMH completes its offer with the assumption of the costs that may be generated by the travel, accommodation or meals of the speakers. The president of the group, Emilio Silva, considers it important “to put the army in front of the mirror of our history.”


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