April 11, 2021

The assembly'Sh-Boom', by Paco Sánchez, faces the latest trials in the Insular Hall – La Provincia

The assembly'Sh-Boom', by Paco Sánchez, faces the latest trials in the Insular Hall - La Provincia

The Insular Theater Hall (SIT) prepares for the premiere of the play Sh-Boom, by Gran Canaria journalist Paco Sánchez. The work, which today has had its general rehearsal and opens tomorrow and Saturday at 8.30 in the hall of May Day, born in the framework of a new edition of Canary Islands writes theater. New voices, a project for the promotion of island theater authorship promoted by 2RC Teatro Compañía de Repertorio, the SGAE Foundation, the Government of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo de Gran Canaria through the Performing Arts and Music Foundation, which manages the Cuyás and the Insular Hall itself.

In Sh-Boom, a health crisis causes a crisis of couple that causes an existential crisis that provokes this play, in which all the characters know where they are and none where they are going and in which their protagonists, Candido and Penelope, try to save their marriage even if that means sinking themselves. "It is a comedy without any type of restrictions, with a rather high rhythm", explains the author, who explains that it begins with "a man asking for a divorce from his wife by phone, and from there the relationship is redefined with the help of a vagabond philosopher and a lady with a somewhat punky attitude ".

Directed by José Luis Massó, the montage, which is starring Abraham Santa Cruz? (Cándido), María Filomena (Penelope), Luis O'Malley (vagabond) and Ruth Sánchez (Señora), is recommended for over 14 years and has an aesthetic like Billy Wilder's cinematographic style.

In fact, the title responds to a song of the time, 'Sh-boom (Life Could Be a Dream)', which sets the tone of the work. Thus, according to Sanchez, it follows the structure of the mythical song and, although it has a timeless character, both its theme and its aesthetics are reminiscent of those of American society of the 40s and 50s of the last century.

This is the second time that a work by Paco Sánchez is selected for its exhibition at the SIT within the framework of Canary Islands writes theater, since last year he had the opportunity to represent Leader, a kind of dystopia about the power of worn-out leaders. Sh-Boom It is however la first work written by its author after the death of his father, hence, as a tribute, the sign as "the son of José Antonio Sánchez (Paco Sánchez)."

On this occasion, the project, which has been supervised by the brothers Quique and Yeray Bazo (the previous one was supervised by the also expert Alberto Conejero), was selected by the jury of Canary Islands writes theaterThis is another two proposals that were finally represented as dramatized readings at the end of last year in the Sala Josefina de la Torre del Teatro Cuyás: The catastrophe, of Carlos de León, and The backyard, by Emma Álvarez.


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