The Assembly of Ceuta declares Abascal undesirable with the abstention of the PP for “breaking” coexistence in the city

The Ceuta Assembly this Friday declared the national leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, persona non grata for “causing a breakdown of coexistence” in the autonomous city and “debasing the Ceuta people” with the statements he made the two times he crossed the Strait after the border crisis of mid-May, when he accused of traitors to Spain, of “pro-Moroccans” and of “fifth columnists” of the Alawite Kingdom apart from society and its institutional representatives in implicit allusion to Muslims, half of the local population.

The judge proposes to try the Ceuta deputy who called for a hate crime "cowardly fascists" to Vox leaders

The judge proposes to try the Ceuta deputy for a hate crime who called the Vox leaders “fascist cowards”

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The proposal to repudiate the ultra-rightist presented by the Movement for Dignity and Citizenship (MDyC) of Fatima Hamed has been supported by the PSOE and Caballas, who have added ten votes in favor, and has prospered thanks to the abstention of the PP and two non-attached deputies who left Vox in January last year. Only the four coreligionists of Abascal in the Autonomous Chamber have voted against considering him formally undesirable in Ceuta.

Those of Juan Vivas (PP) have defended a replacement amendment that has been shipwrecked to lower the tone of the resolution and limit it to “rejecting” Abascal’s words because “they are false, they weaken the unity in the defense of the higher good of our Spanishness , harm coexistence and favor unfounded Moroccan theses “.

The proponent spokesperson, Fatima Hamed, has valued the “historic” agreement reached on Abascal, “someone who misses the Inquisition, the dictatorship and Hitler’s methods.” “This is not an electoral issue because what it has tried is to humiliate, degrade and, if they could, deport those who do not think as the extreme right, a machine to generate hatred for everything that does not fit into their exclusive and prejudiced head,” he said. warned.

His Vox counterpart, Carlos Verdejo, has called the proposal “absurd” and has referred to Hamed as “the most fundamentalist in this city, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and perverse interests.” “It is a pro-Moroccan disguised with a false flag that says long live Spain and long live the King, but it obeys the neighboring country, like Mohamed Ali: they have not condemned Mohamed VI, to whom they pray, they maintain bars for Moroccan immigration and they defend that there are imams here paid by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the neighboring country, so Abascal is absolutely right, “he added.

The PP spokesman, Carlos Rontomé, has underlined the opposition of his formation to Abascal’s words, but has opined that “we should not enter into the populism of declaring democratically elected people non gratas no matter how much we reject his words.”

“Spain is defended from beginning to end”

The PSOE has supported the initiative to “protect democracy from its enemies.” “In Ceuta, as has already been done in other European countries, it is necessary to draw up a sanitary cordon to prevent the spread of Vox’s hate speech, condemn its threats and show solidarity with those threatened by its hoaxes, such as the MDyC and Caballas , who have been branded as pro-Moroccans “, has requested his secretary general, Manuel Hernández.

Ali has made Verdejo ugly his “ignorance” and has opined that “although it is not positive to declare ungrato to anyone, in this case Abascal’s and his statements offend in the most intimate way thousands of people, policemen, health workers, civil guards and Spanish Muslim soldiers, Moors as you call them, but also Hindus, Jews, atheists or agnostics, whom you attack. ” “Spain is defended from beginning to end, also the Muslims who are part of our history and culture, and not doing so in Ceuta is incomprehensible,” he claimed.


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