The Assembly for Life launches the documentary 'Who wants to die?' to say "no to the drama of euthanasia"

Assembly for Life campaign poster against the euthanasia law

Assembly for Life campaign poster against the euthanasia law
Assembly for Life, Liberty and Dignity

The Assembly for Life, Dignity and Freedom has launched this Wednesday 'Who wants to die?', A documentary in which doctors, researchers, jurists, academics, former politicians and artists say "no" to the "drama of the euthanasia".

Among the participants in the documentary is Alfonso del Corral, who was director of Real Madrid's Medical Services for 22 years, who assures that "most people don't want to die, and even less so that they kill him. "" What they want is not to suffer, to be accompanied and in comfortable conditions, "he assures.

For his part, Ambassador Javier Rupérez underlines in the video that "the fundamental thing in life is precisely the respect for life"." I believe that all those movements that lack this basic respect, deep down what they are doing is denigrating human quality, denigrating human dignity. That clearly applies to abortion and it clearly applies to euthanasia as well, "he says.

The socialist politician José Luis Corcuera, who was a minister in the Government of Felipe González, also intervenes to point out that opening a debate on euthanasia in a pandemic situation like the current one "that has taken dozens and dozens of thousands of friends, relatives , citizens in general, "is" of an inconsistency, of a indignity even, truly amazing. "

The president of the Madrid College of Physicians, Manuel Martínez-Sellés, experiences it with "great sorrow", because "a law will be passed that allows taking life", a law that, in his opinion, "will destroy the relationship so pretty doctor-patient ". "Populism is said to be giving simple solutions to complex problems. Euthanasia is an example of extreme populism because the act of killing is proposed to solve the complexity of human suffering, "he adds.

For the academic and professor at the Complutense University, Rafael Navarro-Valls, the euthanasia law in Spain "has been the product of an occasion to turn off other problems, such as the coronavirus." "An occasion in which the State has ignored those advice that it had to carry out obligatorily", he assures.

The promoter of this documentary is the Assembly for Life, Freedom and Dignity, which was constituted on January 22 by a hundred organizations to express their "rejection" of the legislative projects of the coalition Government, such as the Law of Euthanasia or the reform of the Abortion Law. "The evil of the euthanasia project in the midst of a pandemic is absolutely a scandal, the time has come for us all to unite, "Jaime Mayor Oreja, president of the Values ​​and Society Foundation and the One of Us European Federation, stressed in statements to Europa Press in January.

The European Federation One of Us is one of the organizations that has been working on this initiative for months together with others such as the Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACdP), Christians in Democracy, the Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Associations, the Family Forum, and -Cristians or the Villacisneros Foundation.


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