July 25, 2021

The asphalt "swallows" a car on the street with the most traffic in Zamora

The asphalt "swallows" a car on the street with the most traffic in Zamora

The sinking of the asphalt in Cardenal Cisneros avenue, the busiest street in the city of Zamora, caused this early morning that a car was sunk sideways in a tunnel, in a striking event that has not caused personal injury.

The vehicle, a Renault Megane, was parked on a stretch of that avenue next to Leon Felipe Park when the ground gave way, which caused the car to sink "swallowed" by the asphalt and only remained at ground level the side of the driver's side, have informed Efe the Firemen of Zamora.

On the causes of the sinkhole, the firefighters found that one of the two pipes of the sanitation network on its way through the site was collapsed.

The incident took place at 23.18 this Friday and the vehicle could not be removed from the area, which had to be cordoned off by the Municipal Police, until two hours later.

The event caused an unusual stamp because the cavern caused by the sinking had the diameter of the car, so visually it seemed that tourism had "swallowed" the asphalt.

Another vehicle parked next to the affected car had to be removed by the Zamora firefighters dragged with a cable, since it also ran the risk of sinking imminently.


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