The Arucas, forced to go back

The Arucas, forced to go back

The Arucas, forced to go back

Go back or continue in Preferential. The accounts are easy for Arucas next Sunday. The Grancanrio team has no other choice after falling in the first leg of the final tie for promotion to the Third Division against Las Zocas (3-2). All after a remarkable first part of the Aruquenses, who recovered to the initial goal of José María, spurred on by the rhythm of Nauzet Alemán, but collapsed in the second half before the tough effort of the southern Tenerife team.

The best thing for Arucas is the spoils of two goals away from home that Juanito Marrero brings. Abraham put the first in the 35th minute of the game after a great pass from Nauzet Alemán that earned him to tie the game (1-1) and another on the brink of half-time by Ramírez, who used the inside of his foot to convert a clearance behind Las Zocas in the small area in goal (1-2).

The Arucas came out bossy. Israel Quintana's team always wanted to play on Juanito Marrero, knead the ball and shape the game through possession. Something valid when he has a footballer like Nauzet Alemán on the field, who guided the Northerners in the first half of the match with the immortal quality that the former Las Palmas player keeps in his feet.

Arucas was not startled by the blow he received in the 13th minute, when José María picked up a rebound inside the area to make it 1-0 and cheer on Las Zocas, whose fans leaned over the walls of the field and took advantage of the hills to see a match that was played behind closed doors. Arucas got involved early, showing no force to clear a center from the left that ended in a goal.

Precision and quality

He kept his plan, overturned the game on the wings with Quiqui and Abraham and the result came after half an hour. Nauzet danced on himself, Abraham threw the unmarked hitting the area of ​​the Zoquera defense and the former UD drew a pass with a squad and bevel from the center of the field with the outside of his right glove - before he almost scored an Olympic goal -. The ex of the San Fernando, subtle, stung the ball before the exit of Oval and tied the crash.

Mandón el Arucas went to rest ahead. Luck ended when Meñe tried to clear a cross from the left side so that David Ramírez, almost accidentally, tripped over a ball that made it 1-2. Everything was luxurious for Arucas then.

However, the passage through the changing rooms suited Las Zocas better. David Alonso removed his bench with changes and it was a real blow for the Tenerife team. He regained energy, did better in the second half and little by little he gained ground against Arucas. Quickly, Las Zocas short-circuited the game in the midfield for Israel Quintana's team. Nauzet Alemán lost the ball and without his compass, Arucas suffered.

The Arucas was losing ground. After the bounce from a corner, Míchel picked up a timid clearance to put the ball into the square with a volley. The 2-2 was already a reality.

Las Zocas followed with impetus before an inert Arucas. Ione Puga saved the third with a worthwhile stop on a free kick from Medina, the most dangerous man in Las Zocas. Danger haunted the Gran Canaria painting again.

A solution

Israel Quintana had to look at the bench. He bet on Carmelo and his poise to give life to his team. The former UD Las Palmas and Sporting de Gijón footballer was about to score in his first action, with a volley hit from the peak of the area that Oval, inactive throughout the second half, thwarted with a prodigious hand.

Shortly afterwards came the big blow for Arucas. A lateral foul sought by Aday was poisoned in Ione Puga's area. The ball hit the feet of Abraham, who scored the first goal for Arucas, and slipped into the goal of the Gran Canaria team. Now he only has to go back next Sunday (11.30 am) if he wants to be in Third.


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