April 11, 2021

the artists who will perform at the Goya 2019 awards

On Saturday the national cinema awards will be handed in from Seville and the first details of the film have already begun to be revealed.the gala, as they are some of the great absences of the appointment with the cinema orthenominatedin all categories. But in addition, the names of the artists in charge of entertaining have been revealedthe gala, which will feature musical performances beyond the musical number presented by the artists.

Become the singers of the moment, Amaia Romero and Rosalía will rise abovethe scenario ofGoya Awards2019, just as the Academy has just confirmed. Two surprises that have thrilled the spectators and that promise give a lot to talk about and color tothe gala of awards.

Much has been speculated about the possible duo between Amaia and Rosalía with whom their fans dream and after both have been confirmed forthe gala the possibility that we see them singing together sounds louder than ever, putting all eyes on the awards ceremony.

But these artistswill not be the only ones in putting music tothe gala and we can also see Rozalén, James Rhodes or Judit Neddermann


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