April 23, 2021

The artist Paula Bonet denounces that she has suffered harassment for more than a year – La Provincia

The Valencian artist Paula Bonet has denounced that she has been suffering harassment “for more than a year.” The illustrator and painter from Vila-real (Castellón) based in Barcelona has published a message on her social networks informing that this morning she has gone to the police station to expand “a complaint of harassment.”

“The story has been going on for more than a year: knocks on my workshop door, blinds up and down late in the day when the light seeps under the door, eels cut into pieces with the little joke ‘the rapist’ written on the envelope, dozens of emails, I attended my talks sitting in the front row, insults by mail (the most curious insult is ‘spinster’, how bad and with what bad slob he continues to name this patriarchal context, don’t you think?), declarations of love, death wishes, and a long etcetera that does not contemplate the twitter format “, says the creator.

Bonet explains that he makes this situation known because she is “tired” and “in case something happens.” And he adds: “Because I have already called 112 too many times, because even the mossos and lawyers themselves tell me that even the restraining order will be difficult to obtain because the individual is a stranger and not my partner or ex-partner. That this it’s going to be slow despite having been on the issue for over a year. “

“I write it – she continues – because again I am sure that if I were a man, all this I have to endure (the pepper spray and the cutter in my bag, the different routes to get home, The economic investment in security measures in the workshop, having to inform my students so that they always have them locked if I am not there) would not be happening. I write it because it still hurts me how unprotected we are. “


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