August 4, 2020

The artist Ana Beltr launches the theme song 'I want to be an influencer girl' – La Provincia

The Gran Canaria artist Ana Beltrá renders a parodic tribute to World Influencer Day, which is commemorated this November 30, with the release of the song I want to be an influencer girl, written and recorded under his pen name Ana Label.

Song based I want to be an Almodóvar girl, by Joaquín Sabina, Beltrá parodies the social phenomenon of the influencers in social networks with this new song, which accompanies a video clip in which, between changes of costumes and posters of "Sponsor me" or "Advertise here", the clichés that surround this universe are sent in a satirical code.

"Finding the way out of work to this vice / of posting every moment of my life to the universe / growing my account at the stroke of an algorithm / and that this is the work that I deserve", pick up the chorus of the song.

Its release coincides with the recent publication of his album under the artistic name of Ana Label, which Beltrá currently promotes with different concerts in Gran Canaria. Though I want to be a Girl Influencer It is not part of the album, the artist emphasizes that the song integrates the repertoire of her concerts.

Alongside this musical aspect, Ana Beltrá is a painter and the backbone of her plastic work gravitates on topics such as nature, loneliness, chaos and entropy. His last individual exhibition, titled Abyss, was exhibited until last October at the Canary Foundation for the Development of Painting, in the capital of Gran Canaria.


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