The arrival of tourists to Acapulco leaves 42 tons of garbage a day

The arrival of tourists to Acapulco leaves 42 tons of garbage a day

The authorities collected huge tons of waste in the Mexican resort of Acapulco during the last week of December, with a large influx of domestic and foreign tourists.

In the bay of Santa Lucia, better known as Acapulco Bay and considered "the queen of Mexican beaches", with more than five kilometers of sand, 42 tons of garbage were collected per day.

In the tourist strip of this port of the southern state of Guerrero recovered a large amount of waste, among which polyethylene terephthalate (PET), in addition to plastic bags and cans of alcoholic beverages.

About 300 workers and a marine sweeper, working 24 hours a day, carried out the tasks of beach cleaning in order to make a good impression on the tourist.

"I hope that the population becomes aware, in each of these places there are garbage cans," Sabás de la Rosa Camacho, the general director of the Beach Promoter and Administrator in Acapulco, told Efe.

Despite the wave of violence that lives in the port of Acapulco among criminal groups that are fighting over the area, this is still one of the favorite tourist destinations in Mexico to go on vacation.

Therefore, hotel occupancy was 87% this last weekend of the year.

The tourists concerned about the environment advise other visitors not to dirty the beaches.

Laura Cruz, originally from the city of Puebla, said that keeping the beaches clean is a job for everyone since "if we find some trash, it costs us nothing to pick it up".

In addition, he advised to stop using unicel products (expanded polystyrene).

"We bring frets, glasses, spoons, everything from home, and we bring a bag and then we put it in. And in the house where we are staying we wash everything, and we do not bring disposables," the woman added.

For José Juan Rivera, a visitor from Mexico City, "what they lack (to the beaches) is for people to take care of them, not to throw garbage."

With his children, Rivera preached by example to throw all their waste in a bag: "Do not be dirty, pick up your garbage," he told the watchful eyes of a Canadian couple who has spent 25 years enjoying the bay.

Although the number of garbage collection has been increasing in the sand strip at this time, Acapulco has been affected in recent months by this same problem.

In August, the Secretary of Health of Guerrero, Carlos de la Pena Pinto, came to activate a health emergency.

This after the port was sunk in piles of waste, generating a problem of contamination and risk to health.

The accumulated waste is taken to the sanitary landfill of Paso Texca, in the south of the city. But this is in its "terminal phase," according to the head of the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Alan Ramírez Hernández.

So "no later than a year will have to consider a new expansion project," he concluded.


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