May 31, 2020

The arrival of tourists falls for the second consecutive summer




Despite the forecasts made by the Ministry of Tourism, the arrival of foreign tourists to Spain It has gone down for the second consecutive summer. From the Government it was estimated that in the months of July, August and September 29.6 million tourists would visit our country, which meant a 1.7% increase, but finally it has been 28.9 million. This represents a 0.6% drop compared to last year. Already in July and August the arrival of tourists suffered declines, and September has not been an exception. In the ninth month of the year they came 8.9 million, 0.1% less than last yearor. Even so, in the global of the year the rate is positive, 1.3% higher, although it is not clear that this year the tourist record will be exceeded.

In the last quarter of the year our country has to face several problems. On the one hand, the competition from Mediterranean countries, like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, continues to hurt. As an example, the arrival of German tourists continues to plummet, 1.9% in the year. Turkey, which is competing on a price basis, is the one who is most favoring it. Another reason for this decline has been the good temperature you have done in Germany during these three months. Specifically, the arrival of German tourists fell by 7% in September and by 7.4% in the summer as a whole.

As for the arrival of tourists from the United Kingdom, the main issuing country, the data also continues to decline. In September 2.1 million arrived, 0.2% less, while so far this year this percentage falls to 1.7%. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues to weigh and the final consequences of the Thomas Cook Closure, whose brand was bought by the Chinese Fosun this weekend for 12.7 million euros, in the last three months of the year. Pending it is Canary Islands, which accumulates a fall of tourists of more than 4% in what we have of year. The region now begins its high season and many of its tourists are from the United Kingdom.

As for the rest of the countries, the arrival of french tourists It is also influenced by the factors mentioned above. So, decreased 3.1% in summer, after almost a million arrived in September, representing a decrease of 4.8%, while this year it accumulates a fall of 2.7%. On the other side of the scale are US tourists. And from the rest of America, which have a rise in the first nine months of the year of 14.2% and 10.3%, respectively.

Another of the problems that Spain has when it comes to attracting tourists in the final stretch of the year are the Catalonia riots. Already travelers resident in our country, such as those of Imserso, are avoiding that destination and it will be necessary to see in these three months how much they have affected the protests started in October. Two years ago, Catalonia already suffered the consequences of the riots caused by the illegal referendum. In what we have of year, the region is being the main destination of foreign tourists, with 15.6 million, recovering what was lost two years ago.

The expense goes up

The consequence of the descent of tourists is that the expense of these has not fulfilled the forecasts made by the Ministry. Tourism estimated that spending during the three summer months would be 33,908 million euros, but this has finally been of 33,450 million. The good news is that despite the Government's forecasts not being met, tourism spending continues to increase.

In September reached 9,706 million euros, 1.7% more than a year ago, while the rise in summer has been 1.9%. In addition, in the year as a whole this statistic is 2.8% higher than last year, so following this trend it is expected that a new record will be achieved in 2019.


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