August 1, 2021

The arrival of ores to Spain increases by 134% so far this year

The arrival of ores to Spain increases by 134% so far this year

The arrival in Spain of unaccompanied foreign minors – known as menas – has increased by 134.74% so far this year, going from 4,760 in December 2017 to 11,174 to 30 last September, although the Executive has denied that it is due to "a called effect".

These are data provided by the Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, in her first appearance in the Senate's Committee on Family, Children and Adolescents, in which she exposed the "surge" of arrivals of these minors to the country in recent months.

"The increase has been very significant," admitted the minister, who has referred mostly to regions such as Andalusia, which is the autonomous community with the most unaccompanied minors accounted for, with a total of 5,621.

In addition to Andalusia, minors are concentrated mainly in Catalonia and Melilla, with more than 1,000 and in the Basque Country, which is close to that amount, while in the rest of the country it is lower.

Carcedo has assured that the Government acts with "diligence" to support the regional administrations and has reminded that it will allocate 40 million euros to the communities that voluntarily decide to receive ores from other regions and those that have registered an increase in their territories during this year.

Regarding the distribution of this amount, he indicated that he is in negotiations with the communities.

It has also indicated that it will modify the intervention framework protocol with the ores to, among other things, homogenize and facilitate its entry into child protection systems and review the model of care.

"This is not an effect called Pedro Sanchez," he has assured in his reply to the groups the minister, which has also claimed that Spain works with other European countries to secure more funds for this matter.

Also, the minister has abounded in that it is "obligation by law and for humanity" to take care of these minors.


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