February 25, 2021

The arrival of foreign workers leaves 1,500 more unemployed in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

A strong increase in the active population prevented reducing unemployment in the Canary Islands in absolute terms in the second quarter of the year. The 7,200 jobs generated were translated, however, into 1,500 unemployed more thanks to the growth in 8,700 people in the group of those who work or express their intention to do so, according to the data of theActive Population Survey (EPA) published yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

The evolution of the active population admits a more detailed analysis. While the number of Spaniards that make up that group fell by 4,000 citizens,that of foreign troops increased by 12,700;7,200 from countries of the European Union (EU) and 5,500 from other nations.

The same tonic extended to the last year indicates that this increase in the workforce in the Canary Islands reaches 29,900 units, which are ahead of the13,100 increase in the number of employedand determines the existence in the past June of 16,800 unemployed more than in the same month of 2018.

The Archipelago ends the first half of 2019 with239,200 unemployedand it is positioned as one of the only four autonomous communities in which the number of citizens in search of a job opportunity in the second quarter was not reduced next to the Valencian Community (10,700 more unemployed), Castilla-La Mancha (6,300) and Andalusia (6,000).

The whole of Spain also experienced a population growth that is declared in an active situation. Specifically, in 210,100 people. In this case, the generation of jobs (333,800) did have enough intensity to reduce the number of unemployed by 123,600.

It is the first EPA facing the newly released Executive of the Canary Islands and therefore the Minister of Economy, Knowledge and Employment,Carolina Darias, He decided to set the counter to zero. "These are the data with which this Government opens in this new era of a new political cycle … It is a starting point for us and the objective cannot be other than the recovery of the level of occupation and, of course, the reduction in the unemployment rate "(21%), commented in the press conference after thegovernment councilheld yesterday in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Among other issues, Darias faces the challenge ofnarrow the gapthat exists between that percentage of unemployed, in relation to total assets, and that of the State as a whole. The current difference is practically seven points.

And what the counselor already knows is that in front she will have an opposition that will not let even one pass. The spokesperson for Employment of the Popular Party (PP) in the Parliament of the Canary Islands,Carlos Ester,He presented the negative leadership of the Islands in increasing unemployment during the last year in relative terms, with 7%.

The current regional executive is practically sitting in his offices, but the popular regional deputy warned the presidentAngel Victor Torresin the future: "The economic and fiscal measures announced in his investiture speech do not contribute precisely to being optimistic that they are the most appropriate to stop the rebound in unemployment and the slowdown in our economy."

Carolina Darias announced a twist atactive employment policies,"fundamental to modify" the current context. One of the first steps to be taken in this area will be to adapt them to the "specific singularities of the groups that are credited as structural unemployment."

A clear reference toyoung and over 45 years old,population groups that support unemployment rates well above the average; specifically 48.06% in the case of the former.

The 7,200 jobs generated in the Islands between April and Junethey were distributed asymmetrically between men and women.The first covered 5,600 and the second 1,600. However, unemployment did fall among females (500 fewer) and not among males, since the growth of the active population was mainly concentrated in the latter group, with 7,600 more.

Yes, the employment created between the two provinces of the Archipelago was shared equally. But nevertheless,The rebound in the number of assets had Las Palmas as the main scenario.In the second quarter of the year, 7,300 citizens willing to work and only 1,300 to the west arrived in the eastern province.

As a result, whilein Santa Cruz de Tenerife the number of unemployed decreased by 2,300,in Las Palmas it increased by 3,600. In the last year there was an improvement in the first (6,200 less unemployed) and a worsening in the second (22,900 more).

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