The Army of Burma confirms the death of 6 rohinyas during an air attack

The Army of Burma confirms the death of 6 rohinyas during an air attack

The Burmese Army confirmed the death of six Rohinyas, who the military said were collaborating with the rebels of the Arakan Army (AA) during an air strike against a bastion of insurgents in the west of the country.

A helicopter of the Armed Forces opened fire on Wednesday against a group of guerrillas in the city of Buthidaung, in an assault in which 9 other people were also wounded, according to the Army-owned newspaper Myawady.

Since the beginning of the years, the battles between the Tatmadaw (official name of the Burmese Army) and the insurgents of the AA are a constant in the western state of Rakein, traditionally known as Arakan, the scene in 2017 of the brutal ethnic cleansing perpetrated against the Muslim minority rohiny√°.

The United Nations, which accuses the Armed Forces of "intentional genocide" for the operation against the Rohingya, indicated this week its "deep concern" about the recent clashes.

And he condemned what "appear to be indiscriminate attacks and directed against civilians by the military" in the context of the conflict, which has forced more than 20,000 people to leave their homes.

According to the UN, according to its sources on the ground, the aforementioned air strike took place against a camp of displaced Rohingya and where seven civilians were killed and another 18 were wounded.

"The Burmese military is again committing attacks against its own civilians, attacks that can constitute war crimes," the UN said in a statement from Geneva on Friday.

The international body calls on both sides to end "immediate" hostilities to "ensure" the protection of civilians and urges the authorities to allow "urgent" access for the distribution of humanitarian aid.


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