June 15, 2021

The Army helps install a reception center at the Fira de Barcelona

The Army will support this Friday in the installation of a temporary reception center at the Fira de Barcelona, ​​informed the head of the Defense General Staff (Jemad), Miguel Villarroya, who congratulated the Spaniards who are behaving “like soldiers in this difficult time. “

“In this irregular and rare war that we have had to live, or fight, we are all soldiers,” he said in his speech during the press conference after the meeting of the technical cabinet to fight the coronavirus, and highlighted one more day the utility of military values ​​in this time of health crisis.

Among the actions that this Friday will be carried out in 55 locations 2,640 soldiers from the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and from the three armies, Villarroya explained that they will continue “as long as necessary” to disinfect the port and airport of Barcelona .

In the city of Barcelona they will also help with the reception center that the Barcelona City Council will install at the Fira, and from tomorrow the military will take over security at the nuclear power plants in Trillo (Guadalajara), Almaraz (Cáceres) and Cofrentes ( Valencia), after receiving the timely training of the Civil Guard.

They are also supporting the installation of a temporary confinement accommodation center in Ceuta, the reception center for the homeless in Ifema (Madrid) and the installation of a camp for 103 people for the homeless in Cádiz.

As well as disinfection at the airports of Seville, Malaga, Gran Canaria, Alicante and Tenerife North and South, and at the ports of Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Castellón.

In Pamplona the same is being done in facilities such as the Government Delegation, immigration offices, a hospital, clinics and health centers, and nursing homes, centers that are being disinfected in several other locations.

And also in the Estremera, Aranjuez, Soto del Real, Navalcarnero, Campos del Río, Albocàsser and Morón prisons. Another of the military’s functions is to support triage at the Central University Hospital of Asturias and to monitor the crowds in the main Madrid suburban stations.

“Yes, today is Friday on the calendar, but in these times of war or crisis, as you want to call it, every day is Monday,” said Jemad in his daily appearance, to highlight an activity that yesterday carried out a Military group based in Zaragoza, transporting 25 tons of food to nursing homes in various locations.

Upon his arrival in Novillas, he recounted how the military was received with applause from the balconies and shouts of “please, don’t infect me that they have to continue this.” “This is the spirit,” said the general.

And he has highlighted the importance these days of another military virtue, the spirit of service, which is not exclusive, has highlighted, of them, but is demonstrated every day by the health personnel. “Let’s do the same, let’s show that we are soldiers, each one in the position that we have had to live”, he finished.


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