The Army collects temperature data in the new lava flow of the La Palma volcano

A team of Intervention in Technological and Environmental Emergencies (Gietma), accompanied by personnel from the Spanish Geological Mining Institute (IGME), has collected temperature data at various points in the new cast of the La Palma volcano, which will give “very valuable” information on its evolution.

Almost one month after the eruption begins, the volcano in Cumbre Vieja continues to devastate agricultural plantations with a new mouth in the area of ​​the main cone, which expels a large amount of ash and lava, in addition to causing numerous tremors (this Saturday the largest earthquake, of 4.6, was recorded in Mazo, 37 kilometers deep).

A team from the Gietma -the Unit of the UME whose task is to intervene throughout the national territory or abroad to support civil authorities in an emergency situation declared by Technological and Environmental Risks – has collected overnight temperature data on the new laundry.

Specifically, the military, dressed in approach suits, thermal camera and precision probe, They measure the temperature at different points as the laundry progresses, and later do it again and see if its temperature has changed.

These variations offer “valuable information” on the evolution of the laundry, reported the Ministry of Defense.

Since the beginning of the eruption of the volcano on September 19, 190 members of the UME carry out tasks of surveillance and monitoring of the progress of the laundry, gas control, smoke cloud monitoring and lava sampling.

In addition, they support the accompaniment of evacuees to their homes for the removal of priority belongings, to whom they offer psychological help.


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