The ARMH sends a complaint to the Judiciary for creating “apartheid” among victims of terrorism and the dictatorship

The Judicial Power frames the apology of the Franco regime within the margins of freedom of expression, according to a report proposal that will be debated next Monday in the General Council. The publication of the draft of this report in media such as has motivated Emilio Silva, the president of the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH), one of the main associations in defense of the victims of Francoism, has filed a complaint with the CGPJ in the that asks “why this body does not defend the honor and dignity of the victims of the dictatorship and does it with those of terrorism.”

Franco's purge against education: more than half a million purge files

Franco’s purge against education: more than half a million purge files

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The legal basis for what the ARMH considers an “apartheid among victims of violence” is in article 61.1 of the Comprehensive Law of Victims of Terrorism, which prohibits “the individual or collective glorification of terrorism, terrorists or women terrorist organizations “. This law, placed next to the recommendation of the Judicial Power on the legality of the future Democratic Memory Law to extinguish Franco’s foundations, has motivated this complaint. “It is difficult for the State to explain why praising a murderer is terrorism and praising Francoism, no,” Emilio Silva tells this newspaper.

“We denounce that there are still first-rate and second-rate victims,” ​​he says, and recalls that there is a UN resolution that states precisely that there cannot be categories of victims. “They killed my grandfather the same as Miguel Ángel Blanco, but after killing him more things continued to happen: they hid his body, they humiliated my family. The pain of a family like mine is not different from the pain of any victim of terrorism” , he emphasizes.

For Emilio Silva, the judiciary “has looked elsewhere” in a “continuous” way when claiming the rights of the victims of the Franco regime, which is a “shame”. “This is what he is saying to the victims of forced disappearances and there is nothing worse than this crime, but the State considers that these victims have to repair themselves,” he adds. In his letter to the CGPJ, presented this Tuesday, June 1, the activist recalled that the disappeared are people illegally detained, tortured, murdered and whose corpse does not appear, which “multiplies the pain of the family.” In Spain there are at least 114,226 missing persons due to the repression of the Franco dictatorship, according to ARMH calculations, since there is no official figure.

Silva has been attending this newspaper since the exhumation that the ARMH is conducting in Manzanares (Ciudad Real) and that ends this Wednesday, June 2. “While here we are exhuming two graves with 30 people murdered during the dictatorship, we have seen how the State inaugurates the great memorial to the terrirosmo victimsWhere is the great memorial to the victims of the dictatorship? ”


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