The Argentine Wos, world champion of the Battle of the Roosters | Culture

The Argentine Wos, world champion of the Battle of the Roosters | Culture

A year ago, Mexican rapper Aczino was crowned champion of the International Final of the Battle of the Roosters at home against the Argentine Wos. This Sunday, it was Wos who played at home and took revenge. The Argentine was from the beginning the clear favorite of the more than 10,000 spectators who came at noon to the Club Hípico Argentino, in Buenos Aires. Throughout more than three hours, the audience cheered the rhymes of the 16 finalist freestylers and went crazy when the jury determined Wos's victory as the new king of Spanish-speaking improvisation.

On a warm day, those attending the show organized by Red Bull, mostly teenagers and young men, lined up for hours to access the venue. A few meters away they saw the stadium of River Plate, where the final of the Copa Libertadores de Fútbol should have been played. The game suspended and finally transferred to the Bernabéu forced to change the time of the battle, because no Argentine wanted to miss the final outcome of that impossible party that lasted for a month.

Once inside, the audience applauded the message of Hispanic American unity of the Missionary, the presenter of the gala, but began to forget it when the draw for the round of 16 was made. Of the 16, only one was to be left and Argentine, Peruvian, Uruguayan and Mexican flags waved in the field. The first fights left out eight: Valles T (Colombia) won to KDT (Dominican Republic), Bnet (Spain) a Switch (Ecuador), Pepe Grillo (Chile) to Yeriko (Cuba), Arkano (Spain) to Dozer (Argentina), Wos (Argentina) to Rapder (Mexico), Índico (Panama) to RVS (Costa Rica), Aczino ( Mexico) to Jaze (Peru) and Letra (Venezuela) to Neon (Bolivia).

The opponents had two 60-second turns to improvise from the words that appeared on the monitor. The public celebrated the mutual attacks with shouts, applause and hands up to mark the rhythm. The participants agreed with the verdict of the jury except for the elimination of Dozer and Jaze, when thousands of arms were raised in the form of a cross to ask for replicas that were not granted.

In the quarterfinals, one of the most applauded dialectical combats was that of the Spanish aspirants Bnet and Arkano, which ended up in the hands of the first. Valles T left out Pepe Grillo, Wos a Letra, and Aczino a Índico. For the semifinals, the survivors had to improvise from four objects stored in boxes. "Your time in rap is over, dedicate yourself to skateboarding", Bnet threw Aczino next to a board, on which the Mexican climbed before answering him with a helmet in his hand: "You try it but I know you have no skill, that's why I brought you a safety helmet. "" I feel Maradona, I'm nailing you the goals ", he launched the Madrid, to which Aczino replied:" You will never have the blood of the champions. "

Football and politics were present throughout the competition. "I'm not Ronaldo because I'm with Messi," Wos responded to Valles T after he threw some football boots out of the box in the second of the semifinals. "This is La Nación, as Clarín lies, they are against the people and they are friends of the president," continued Wos, amid the cheers of the audience.

The two great favorites, Wos and Aczino, saw their faces again in the final between football chants adapted for the occasion. "Wos, dale dale Wos, give Wos, give Wos, dale dale Wos", encouraged the participants before the start of the final fight. "I cry with my mother, who is watching live as I become a father," the Argentine replied after the Mexican accused him of weeping.

When after the three rounds, the jury opted for the local rapper, the Club Hípico Argentino erupted in deafening shouts of collective jubilation. "I just left, I do not remember what I did," admitted the champion at a press conference when the Battle of the Roosters had just ended. While he was speaking, the assistants left the place heading to their homes to follow the game of the century between River and Boca. Next year, the international final will be played in Spain.

A 'kid of the square' at the world top

Wos (Valentín Oliva) was 14 years old when, in 2013, he approached for the first time to compete The Fifth Step, the largest freestyle meeting in Buenos Aires, held until last year at the Rivadavia park. "My dwarf says, look how I sink it … Napoleon, 1,50 … And he dominated half the world", he answered that first time to his rival.
Son of the founder of the percussion group La bomba del tiempo, Alejandro Oliva, and the actress and dancer Maia Monaco, Wos studied theater, piano and drums before devoting himself completely to improvisation.
Over the years, that blonde and hairless teenager became the favorite of the pibes of the square and in 2017 he made the leap to a larger audience when crowned Argentine champion of the Battle of the Roosters. It was a meteoric race: in 2017 he was international runner-up and this Sunday he reached the top of the world podium.
In parallel, he has premiered his first songs as a soloist, Andrómeda and Púrpura and last year he made his debut in the cinema in Las Vegas, the film by Juan Villegas which inaugurated the International Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Bafici).


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