The Argentine province of Mendoza holds key elections before the presidential elections

The ruling party and the opposition Peronism of Argentina are measured this Sunday in the elections for governor of the province of Mendoza, key elections for the presidential elections on October 27.

About 1.4 million citizens are entitled to vote in these elections in Mendoza, which, with 4.15% of Argentina's total voters, is the fifth district with the highest electoral weight in the country, behind the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe and the Argentine capital.

The two main candidates to govern Mendoza are Rodolfo Suárez, candidate for the Cambia Mendoza front, and Anabel Fernández-Sagasti, of the Elegí Front.

Suárez, mayor of the provincial capital since August 2014, is a member of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), currently the head of the provincial Executive and which, at the national level, is part of the ruling front and Together for Change, the electoral coalition with which the Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, will seek re-election next October.

Meanwhile, Fernández-Sagasti integrates the Kirchnerist Front for Victory and is a blockmate in the Argentine Senate of former Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007-2015), who in October will compete as a candidate for Vice President for the Peronist coalition Front of All, led by Alberto Fernández.

In the provincial primaries, held last June, the Cambia Mendoza front - which settled its candidacy for governor among three candidates - accounted for 43% of the votes, while the Peronist Frente Elegí won 35%.

If this result is repeated, the ruling party would retain the provincial government, but the results in Mendoza of the national primaries held last August opened a margin of doubt about the outcome of this Sunday's election.

In the primary elections of August 11, Macri obtained in Mendoza 37.35% of the votes (31.79% in the whole country), while Alberto Fernández obtained in the province 40.45% of the votes (47 , 78% in the nationwide scrutiny).

The vote-to-vote fight has made Alberto Fernández visit Mendoza several times in recent months to support his governor candidate in the face of these elections, the last being held before the general elections in October.

"On Sunday we played many things for the future of the country," said Alberto Fernández last Tuesday, at an event in Mendoza with Fernández-Sagasti.

Instead, the ruling party has insisted on the campaign that this Sunday's elections are merely provincial.

"The election is provincial. Those who have nationalized the election has been a particular political force that came to Mendoza to say how Mendoza have to vote," he said today, minutes before voting, the governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, who He is also president of the UCR nationwide.

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