The Argentine president assures that the IMF gave him the reason on the debt

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, referred on Thursday to the statement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that describes the country's debt as "unsustainable", which, in his opinion, gives "the reason" to the Government and will allow "design the exit plan" to the crisis.

"It seemed that we had nothing, but we are right. For the first time in history the fund promotes such recognition, for the first time we said 'this time let us make the exit plan to us' and they said 'do it'," said the Peronist politician during the inauguration of a biological medicine plant in Buenos Aires.

The president stressed that "being right is not a little", since it means "putting up and forward the ability to think" and stressed that "if one sincerely and sensibly raises how to face things, even the IMF can prove it right ".

In that sense, he recalled that, since last year's election campaign began, his party defended that the country contracted "a large debt in amount" and "promised to pay it very quickly, something impossible."

"We are going to stand all together, celebrating that we were right, that we are back on the road and that among all Argentines we will make the Argentina we deserve," he added.

Last year, the Government of the conservative Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) agreed with the IMF for financial assistance for 56.3 billion dollars, of which 44,000 were disbursed, and on which the Fernández Executive now seeks to renegotiate the payment.

This Wednesday concluded the IMF's first visit to the country since the October elections and resulted in a statement from the multilateral agency that states that the Argentine debt is "unsustainable" and requests an "appreciable contribution from private creditors," a diagnosis that was celebrated by the Casa Rosada.

Fernandez said today that it is also important to "cover the state accounts to order the public accounts."

"Nobody is pleased to ask the producer to pay taxes, but there is no other solution when one comes from the festival that has lived in all these years, to pay sidereal rates to those who speculated financially," he concluded.

According to the Ministry of Finance, at the end of December Argentina's gross debt amounted to 323,177 million dollars, of which some 194,000 million correspond to debt in public titles in the medium and long term.

The Argentine Government aims to conclude the process of renegotiating the external debt at the end of March, a period considered too ambitious for analysts, particularly after the recent failure of the province of Buenos Aires to postpone the payment of a bond for three months by 250 million dollars by not getting 75% membership membership.

The last projections of the IMF, three months ago, anticipate that the economic contraction in Argentina will be smoothed from 3.1% last year to 1.3% in 2020.


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