The Arenal Sound exhausts its 50,000 tickets for the 2019 edition without the poster being known | Culture

The Arenal Sound exhausts its 50,000 tickets for the 2019 edition without the poster being known | Culture

The poster of artists for the tenth edition of the Arenal Sound festival, which will be held on Burriana beach (Castellón), from July 30 to August 4, 2019, is still a blank page, but the approximately 50,000 tickets for the musical appointment have already been sold in full. In 14 hours, those that have elapsed since noon on Sunday at two o'clock this morning, the contest has posted the sold out. A boom that to date only share, and with several points of advantage, macroevents like the British Glastonbury -Without tickets in 40 minutes- or the Tomorrowland, that fulminated in an hour the tickets for the 2018 edition.

After the 7,100 passes for registered in Burriana acquired last Tuesday and the small consignment of day accesses that will be sold when the musical program is per day, "there will be no more tickets for sale. Thank you sounders for trusting the festival for another year. You are incredible! ", Informs in its social networks the considered one of the most multitudinous festivals of Spain, with 300,000 attendees in six days in 2018.

Trust. Blind faith. The triplet holiday-party-beach. What is the key to the success of an event capable of exhausting entries without having announced a single name of the 100 that it expects to add to its tenth anniversary? Where is the poster hook at a music festival?

The price of the fertilizers is the first link, and more taking into account the profile of the sounder, which moves mostly between 18 and 25 years, they point to EL PAÍS from the organization. A week of holidays next to the Mediterranean at the initial price of 39.95 euros – "more expenses and no camping, sold separately and later", indicate the same sources – is already the biggest claim. The rest of the cocktail is completed by other ingredients, in the opinion of its promoters, as the "trust" in the format and those who feed it: "Seeing the poster of previous years and the style of the festival, the public is confident that it will be the same, and the entrance is assured even without knowing who will come ".

They also add "the expectation on the tenth anniversary or that people have stayed with a good taste in the mouth last summer and want to repeat." And then there's the marketing, via #ASDream, the campaign to promote the purchase of tickets that offers succulent prizes to the winner, chosen among those who buy their tickets during the first day. This year practically all the public will enter the draw for a trip to the Riviera Maya for four friends, a car, travel by private jet to the festival, VIP accommodation, five lifetime credits, 500 euros for expenses within the premises and a long etcetera awards. And all in the same package.

"We are the first surprised by the pace of sales," say the organizers. Last year the purchase of tickets was already marathon: just over two months, from mid-November to early February. The record has been far exceeded.

However, the sudden sold out It has not been without controversy. The dance of prices in the installments as the hours passed has enervated the public. Some criticize that the "no entries" has been achieved "at the cost of unfair increases and hours of waiting" and who calls this anniversary "absolute scam" and "armed robbery." "It is difficult to understand and to believe[the[elsold out], but it is like that ", the organizers say, and explain that the increase applied to the season tickets is the same as in all the years. "There are established quotas and the price is going up." The first tickets are cheaper than the last ones, but that increase has been more progressive in previous editions, "because the pace was slower". This time the different quotas have been exceeded in hours. "Last year the general payment ended up costing 150 euros in February, when they sold out; yesterday they passed in hours of 39.95 to 140 euros ".

"At 17.00 there were only tickets starting at 100 euros; at 10.00 pm there are tickets for 90 euros. How can it be? ", Points another of the buyers in social networks, while another nods:" I, seeing what I have seen, I preferred not to buy it, because it has been a tease. " The organizers defend the normality and legality of the process: "This happens sometimes with some entries, which appear in the system as retained, but if the sale is not formalized because the buyer backs down or does not complete the process correctly, they return to be free and at the price they had at the time of booking, hence it may become less. "

Nor has it been lacking the scourge of those who criticize the public for buying without knowing the poster: " […] you can sneak an artist who does not know or his mother in a loop for six days "…

"Ed Sheeran at least has to be behind the one that has been bundled with ticket sales," suggests another sounder. From the festival ditch the critics, announce the first confirmations for within a few days and ensure that the Arenal Sound will have "the poster that deserves the 10th anniversary." From July 30 to August 4, 2019, on the Burriana beach that gives it its name.


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