The archives of López Botas already rest in the Canarian Museum

Diego Cambreleng Roca (d.) Donates the documents collected by López Botas during his life to the Canarian Museum

Diego Cambreleng Roca (d.) Donates the documents collected by López Botas during his life to the Canarian Museum

The personal documents of the lawyer and politician from Gran Canaria Antonio López Botas (1818-1888) have formally entered the documentation center of the Canary Museum this tuesday after the Cambreleng Roca family, descendant of the owner of the collection, beech formalized the donation of all this material collected in life by López Botas himself.

The event was chaired by the president of the scientific institution, Diego Lopez Diaz, and in which they participated Diego Cambreleng Roca, on behalf of the family, and Fernando Betancor Perez, archivist of the Canarian Museum, as detailed by the enclosure in a statement.

Antonio López Boots starred one of the most relevant pages in the Canarian political history of the 19th century. Doctor in Law since 1842, he was initially a member of the Progressive Party and later founded the Canary Party and the so-called Firefighter Party. In addition, he was mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria between 1861 and 1868, and a year later he was elected deputy to the Cortes by the Monarchical-Democratic Party of Gran Canaria, a position he had already held for a few months in 1853.

The lawyer became involved in the divisive struggle in the context of the insular lawsuit and participated in numerous cultural initiatives of his island, such as the Literary Cabinet, of which he was a founder in 1844, or El Museo Canario, in which he joined as a partner immediately after its creation in 1879. His economic support for political and social movements caused him an economic disaster that forced to accept the position of prosecutor of the Court of Accounts of Cuba, so he spent his last years in Havana in a precarious situation due to delays in the collection of his fees.

The political, judicial, educational and cultural activity undertaken by Antonio López Botas throughout his life has a documentary reflection in his personal archive, the museum institution highlighted this Tuesday.

The documents generated and collected by him constitute his written memory, but also the memory of a whole stage in the history of Gran Canaria. This file, composed of more than 20,000 documentary units, has been in the possession of his descendants since the death of López Botas, who at the beginning of 2020 gave it to the Scientific Society El Museo Canario so that it could undertake some archival work prior to the formal donation.

Documents and files collected by López Botas during his lifetime LP

In these months 4000 documentary units have been archived and digitized, which is a great approach to the complete organization, description, digitization, custody, conservation and dissemination, as detailed by the archivist Fernando Betancor. Once completed, this archival intervention will contribute to the generation of new knowledge and provide researchers with descriptive tools that will facilitate the study of a fundamental figure in the history of Gran Canaria.


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