The architect who renovated a Luis Rubiales house is convicted of harassment

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales.

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales.

The Criminal Court number 2 of Valencia has convicted of harassment the architect who was in charge of carrying out the reform of a house of the president of the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, and to the payment of a compensation of 2 160 euros, judicial sources informed Europa Press.

In the ruling of said sentence, it is considered proven that the defendant was in charge of reforming a home owned by Luis Rubiales until the beginning of 2016, and that then there were "discrepancies" for the price, payment and collection of the amount thereof.

Likewise, the architect had a set of keys that she did not want to give to Rubiales after the end of the work, under the pretext of delivering them personally despite the request of the president of the RFEF to leave them in the renovated house.

Since then, the defendant initiated the harassment of the president of the federation demanding financial amounts that "did not correspond to what was agreed upon." and going to the door of Rubiales' own house, forcing him to change the lock on the door.

On July 19, 2017, the architect came to chase Rubiales in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia, facts that were denounced by the president of the RFEF at the end of that same month, and which were classified by the courts as constituting a minor crime of threats and another of coercion.

"All the accusations are false"

After the ruling of the Valencia court, Luis Rubiales has reiterated his confidence in justice and affirmed that he will continue to act without pronouncing on any issue that is still 'sub júdice' out of respect for the judges.

"In all this time, Mrs. Yasmina Eid-Maccheh has accused me of committing different illegalities. All these statements are false. First, she accused me of wanting to dsend money from AFE when he was president of the union, a matter that has already been tried and that was proven in the sentence to be false, "said Rubiales in a statement sent to Europa Press.

Rubiales also regretted the "false" accusation of not having paid for the reform that the architect's company did in her apartment in Valencia, and recalled that there is a sentence in which her "good work" and the full payment of said reform is demonstrated .

Ultimately, Rubiales stressed that the sentence of the Criminal Court of Valencia that convicts Yasmina Eid-Maccheh of harassment relates, according to him, how "in a prolonged and continuous manner" both he and his three minor daughters "were victims of harassment and persecution of this woman."

"I am convinced that truth and justice will come to light as has happened in all other cases.. They have been four especially hard years for my family in the face of the actions and behaviors of this lady, but I have always remained silent, acting with respect and with a deep trust in justice and truth, "the note indicates.

However, in the context of the dispute over the Eurocup football, in which Spain debuted this monday with a draw (0-0) against Sweden in La Cartuja de Sevilla, the president of the RFEF was in favor of focusing and giving "total priority" to the sporting aspect of the national team.


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