October 26, 2020

The Archipelago adds another 60 outbreaks to the 40 that remain active

The Archipelago adds another 60 outbreaks

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands yesterday notified another 60 outbreaks of coronavirus, in addition to the 40 that remain active in the region. Of the new outbreaks, 36 have been located in Gran Canaria, 11 in Tenerife, ten in Lanzarote and three in Fuerteventura. A situation that has resulted in 355 positive cases, with which a total of 12,489 have already been accumulated in the Archipelago. And it is that the Islands added in the last 24 hours another 136 new infections, although the number of assets was reduced by 48, going from 6,718 to 6,670 in one day.

According to the data provided by Health, of the 60 new outbreaks, 31 have a family origin, 13 have taken place in a social-family environment, four have occurred in the work-family environment, two in the workplace, one corresponds to a center educational and another has taken place in the health-social sphere. On the other hand, four of the outbreaks in which 17 are affected correspond to migrants who arrived in boats and canoes.

From the area that Blas Trujillo directs, they pointed out last day that a smaller number of cases associated with each outbreak has been observed, so that most of them present between three and 10 positive cases.

It should be remembered that on Wednesday Health reported the presence of a fourth outbreak in the Insular Hospital, specifically in the South wing of the tenth floor for General and Digestive Surgery, in which four workers and five patients were initially affected. The council notified yesterday that the contagion of two other workers and a person who was previously admitted has been detected. Although they assure that the situation remains stable in the health center where there are three other outbreaks that have claimed the lives of seven people.

Six of them on the 4th floor north where the Nephrology and Palliative services are attended and one on the eighth floor where the Internal Medicine area is located. In the first, 12 affected professionals, 14 patients and three relatives were detected; while in the second, there were six patients and seven health workers. Finally, in the Radiology ward there are nine infected professionals.

In total, the Islands added 136 new positives yesterday that raise the global count to 12,489. Gran Canaria remains at the head of the autonomous community with a total of 7,036 infections since the beginning of the pandemic, 58 of which were detected last day. Although the island has begun to bend the curve that begins to be decreasing in terms of the presence of the virus, passing in a day from 4,741 to 4,651 infected citizens.

Tenerife follows as always, with another 58 new positive cases, raising its overall figure to 3,610. The island also increased the number of active cases reported by Health by 1,687 -55 more than on Wednesday.

Lanzarote also increased in the last 24 hours the global number of infections, which, with eight more, have become 1,040. There are still 196 infected people on the island. In Fuerteventura, however, assets grow to 110 and the total number of positive cases stands at 547.

La Palma, for its part, continues for the fourth consecutive day without accumulating new cases, which have remained at 174 since the start of the pandemic. Two people on the island are still receiving treatment to defeat the virus. This same stability occurs in El Hierro, where the infections that add up to a total of 46 did not grow, nor did the active cases that continue to be seven. The same does not happen with La Gomera, which did add a new positive diagnosis to its counter, with which there are 36. There, 17 citizens are still affected by the pathogen.

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With them, there are 6,670 active cases in the Canary Islands, 48 ​​less than on Wednesday when 6,718 were counted. Of the people who are still sick from the coronavirus, 6,396 receive medical care at their homes. Another 210 patients are hospitalized on the floors of the island health centers and 64 remain admitted to an Intensive Care Unit. In the last 24 hours there have been 184 epidemiological discharges, with which there are already 5,600 since February.


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