Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

The arches of Chicote when seeing the “mugre” of the cave of Juan

“This is the park you attractions of the dirt! ”He snapped Alberto Chicote when he entered the kitchen of The cave of San Juan. The role of the presenter of
Nightmare in the kitchen
It was to refloat this Valencian restaurant located in the town of Paiporta. However, when he arrived he found an establishment "left" with "frayed and ugly" awnings and planters that looked more like "a warehouse of stones and crap." Not to mention the quality of food and its preparation.

Chicote took his character to put firm the owner and the waiter of the premises that, if it had not been for the chef, would have ended up punching. "I catch you and I break you, you bastard," the employee shouted at his boss.

'Nightmare in the kitchen': Chicote puts order in Juan's cave

The healthiness in La Cueva de San Juan shone by its absence. The carne was rotten, the products had expired months ago, the most rusty containers, the kitchen full of dirt and the cook used a mallet and an ax to cut the meat. That was the drop that filled Chicote's patience that could hardly contain the arcades in the face of so much crap.

“This is rust, this is from terrorists! It is to play with people's health ”, Chicote exploded the owner of the Valencian grill. "It had been a long time since I had so much crap in a kitchen," he said. In fact, after opening a bag with rotten meat, he snapped: “This is why they close the beach bar with seven keys and throw them at the bottom of the sea. This is like a heavy joke. ”

However, another serious problem that the restaurant had was the relationship between owner (Emilio) and waiter (Carlos). This was small for everything: from cooking, cleaning the premises, serving the tables … And all for 800 euros a month. His situation was so degrading that Carlos explained that he had to ask for help from Caritas in order to support his family.

When Emilio tried to refute the economic issue, there was a hard confrontation between them and they were about to punch each other. “It didn't happen there. I break his head, huh? I don't disrespect the shit it is. Don't laugh at me that I take you and break you, you bastard!”, The waiter released. Here Chicote had to mediate and put peace between them.

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