August 3, 2021

The Archdiocese of Washington publishes a list of cures accused of child abuse

The Archdiocese of Washington publishes a list of cures accused of child abuse

The Archdiocese of Washington (USA) today published a list with 31 names of former priests who allegedly committed sexual abuse of minors, of whom 28 were attached to this institution.

According to a communiqué from the archdiocese, these religious were "credibly accused of sexual abuse" since 1948.

Of those old priests, 28 were directly linked to this religious institution, while three were external to it but exercised in parishes or dependent schools of the archdiocese.

Of the 31 names collected, 17 have already died.

The list is published three days after Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl as archbishop of Washington between accusations of having covered up abuses.

In that same statement, Wuerl himself described the list as "a painful reminder of the grave sins committed by the clergy, the pain inflicted on innocent youth and the pain inflicted on the faith of the Church."

According to the archdiocese, the list was prepared as part of a review of the archives of the entity ordered in 2017 by Wuerl.

The cardinal noted in the note that, based on his knowledge, "there has been no credible allegation of abuse of a minor by a priest of the archdiocese in almost two decades," although the list itself includes an accusation against a priest which occurred in 2007, 11 years ago.

Wuerl stressed that there is "no archdiocesan priest in active ministry who has ever been the object of a credible allegation of child abuse".

On the list are priests who were definitively dismissed, others temporarily and others simply reassigned to other places, while some were condemned by justice.

The archdiocese defended itself in the writing as a safe place and highlighted its mechanisms to react and prevent cases of child abuse.


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