The Archbishop of Tarragona does not see the alleged sexual abuse of "so serious" priests – The Province

The Archbishop of Tarragona does not see the alleged sexual abuse of "so serious" priests - The Province

The Archbishop of Tarragona, Jaume Pujol, has affirmed about the alleged sexual abuse of minors of two parish priests of Arbeca (Lleida) and Constantí (Tarragona), who have been removed from their duties: "They have been able to have their mistakes and have been able to have their faults, but they are not as serious as to be able to say that they have to be secularized, in no way. "

"I have supported them up to this moment and I continue to support them", according to what the Holy See, that there has not been a criminal trial, he said in statements to the media this Wednesday.

"Sometimes I think: And is not there a bad time in a priest?", He has reflected, and said that he believes that there may be a bad time in life that leads him to do something they may regret for the rest of their lives.

He also believes that from the Archdiocese they have acted well with the affected families and, over the two religious, he added: "For me, they are not unfortunate."

The archbishop signed on Wednesday the document in which It separates from the service the rector of the parish of Arbeca, Josep Maria Font, a day after also removing from his functions the parish priest of Constantí, Francesc Xavier Morell; both, allegedly involved in touching minors.

In replacement of Font, the archbishop has appointed Manuel Borges Anguera as parochial administrator of Arbeca and other towns on Wednesday, and on Tuesday he appointed Antoni Pérez as parish priest of Constantí and Joan Miquel Bravo, of La Canonja (Tarragona), has published the website of the Archbishopric.


After the controversy that has generated his statements, Jaume Pujol has released a statement on Wednesday afternoon in which rectify your words: "I want to clarify that any action of this type, unbecoming of anyone and even more of a priest, seems very serious to me".

He pointed out that some media have reproduced his reflection on the parish priests involved had a 'bad time': "Some have interpreted these words as if they wanted to reduce the importance of the facts", to which the aforementioned clarification has added.

It seems a "painful" fact, for which he has asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Church of Tarragona and has personally placed himself at the disposal of listening to the victims, he has defended.


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