March 9, 2021

"The Aragonese need Lambán and his government to get to work"

For the Popular Party, "the most important thing and what the Aragonese really need is that Javier Lambán and his government get to work now, they have lost many days in the formation of this government, the negotiation terms have been extended a lot and Now the important thing is that they should get to work, "he said.

"The most important challenge ahead and the challenge is not to have agreed to form a government, but the most important challenge is how they will govern the next four years, to demonstrate that they are capable of having a political project for Aragon because that we know now are only 132 beautiful ideas and a model of economic growth. "

The 'popular' parliamentarian has referred to the "worrying" data of the July strike in Aragon that are worse than the national average. "What worries is the lack of government, that there is political instability, relying on many parties to govern, the economic slowdown that is taking place and what will be of Aragon in these four years."

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