The Aragonese journalist Michel Vallés dies at 40 | Society

Michel bought a T-shirt this summer with a drawing of a boar full of arrows and the word "Move". He said he had acquired it in a "silly outburst", but that message represented the mentality that accompanied him since he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016. The journalist from Teruel, Michel Vallés, died this December 29 in Saragossa 40 years old

Originally from Lledó (Teruel), he graduated in journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He took his first steps in The Region of Alcañiz and he worked more than ten years in The Periódico de Aragón. He was also a collaborator at Radio Zaragoza and on public television and radio in his community. In the last months he analyzed from his column Mars in exile Aragonese politics and also talked about his illness. I used that space to talk with data and without euphemisms that in Spain you have to devote more money to research, less time to nonsense and banish false therapies. He also wrote about his idol Kase-O, and was thrilled when he shared the text on his networks.

A few months ago he joined a Facebook group made up of the people in the world who had the same mutation: 318. "Among us we do not talk about the powers of homeopathy, how good it is to stop getting vaccinated, how beneficial it is It's raw milk. We talk about the fact that it is science and research that saves life every day; that we want more and better treatments, "he said.

He lived the depopulation of a municipality of those that make up empty Spain and literally took the dream of the imminent closure of the school of his town six years ago. Now that school has resurfaced and they have even had to expand it by the arrival of new children.

This year she became engaged in New York with Estrella, a strong and serene woman, whom she met in the writing of her diary. It had been months with that trip and that ring in mind. Their wedding was held in a way not planned in November, in a room at the Miguel Servet hospital, with family, friends and an oncologist who was celebrating that day but came to post to celebrate.

He loved and detested journalism, the way one detests the defects of something that matters very much to him. He hated lexicon poverty (when he edited he could sometimes mark that the same word was repeated in the first paragraph and in the penultimate paragraph) and he always tasted the sports chronicles by Carlos Arribas. It was not an easy task, but it made the plenary sessions fascinating, or at least interesting. It told what was moving in the corridors, the words that were said and those that were not said, and even how the deputies smelled, if relevant.

"Feeling shit is very comfortable, you have to rebel," he wrote on a WhatsApp in July, a few weeks before the immunotherapy, an advance for which this year Two researchers have won the Nobel Prize, it will stop working.


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