March 1, 2021

The APT asks that the public squares for journalists cover them professionals – The Province

The Association of the Press of Tenerife (APT) appeals to the public administrations of the Canary Islands, (Government of the Community, councils and town halls) so that the positions of free designation of journalists that are covered in these days in all institutions after the past elections, are occupied by professionals of journalism and that demand the qualification, in the terms of the proposal collected by the journalists' organizations of the Canary Islands in the draft Draft Law of the Professional Association of this sector.

Also, the APT requires the regional government, councils and municipalities of the Canary Islands, to enable public employment positions for journalists and that these places are convened through public offers of employment that entail the requirement of the degree in Journalism or Communication for their performance.

In accordance with what was approved in the last assembly of the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain, the APT points out the need for public administrations in the Canary Islands to consider communication as a service to citizens, and to ensure that the quality of the information they offer is taken care of.

The APT poses to Government of the Canary Islands and responsible councils and councils that take into account the serious situation of communication professionals in the Canary Islands, who have suffered, more than any other sector, recent economic crisis, to which has been added a profound change in the conception of communication, as a consequence of the implantation of social networks and by the adaptation derived from the 'digital age'.

The Association of the Press of Tenerife also recalls the efforts of journalism professionals, in the term that ended, in view of the constitution in The Islands of the Professional Association of Journalists of the Canary Islands that, they hope, it can complete its administrative procedure and, therefore, be constituted, in the recently initiated political cycle.

The APT also requests that the support of the institutions to the recent agreement between the media, professional communication organizations and the Government of the Canary Islands to improve the information treatment on equality and gender violence.

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