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He has a word tattooed on his forearm. And that word is not other than 'words'. The same ones with which Elvira Sastre (Segovia, 1992) has written her past with poems - the last one, that on our shore (Alfaguara), was published in April. And the same that will make next year debut with a novel, Days without you, story starring a grandmother and grandson, whose independent stories are crossed in a constant learning.

Still, Sastre says he did not count on success, and he does not take it for granted. "I'm doing things that I like, it turns out that I'm doing well and that there are people who enjoy it, but I always live it as if I were passing through. In the end, the writing for me is a necessity, I would continue to do it even if no one were to read me. "

Elvira Sastre

Nothing is further from reality. In addition to being one of the most popular young poets in Spanish (as their tours of recitals in Spain and Latin America prove in which tickets are sold out night after night), Sastre has a legion of followers on social networks. On Instagram, where it is especially active, more than 234,000 people do not lose detail of their frequent updates. Something that has caused some to include it in that category of instapoetas, a term that nobody knows very well or what it means.

"The labels bore me and the one who is outside limits him. I've run from it since the first day. Not because a poem has 20,000 'likes' is a good poem, there are other things to value. Anyway, I do not understand that the term is used in a derogatory way, in the end the Internet is a tool of diffusion, not a brand of style, "he reflects.

When he talks about the Internet as a tool, Sastre knows what he says. Her career has been linked to technological development since she opened her blog with 15 years, Relocos y recuerdos. "When I was studying at the institute, I did not have many colleagues interested in writing, so I felt the need to expand my circle. I wanted to read to others, to know if there were more people of my age who shared my concerns. "

This was how, little by little, Sastre was gathering an audience around his texts, initially written in prose. "I think it was a professor from Galicia who never got to know who told me to try to write in verse. I thought it was impossible, because I saw it as something so complicated and so classic poets ... but it stung me and I decided to try it, and so I discovered a different way of expressing what I had inside ".

At times like this, Sastre maintains that the Internet has given him, above all, impulse and understanding. "As always, there are always haters, who usually emerge when I share opinions that are not directly related to poetry - and yes with my ideology - but I have already learned to use my time in people who tell me productive things, and not in those that do not ", sentence.

  • Apps to write better, move and take advantage of time with your dog


Allows you to add text to photos. "Very useful to share my verses in the form of images. I've found that they reach more people and generate more responses. "


It allows individuals to rent their car to a third party when they do not use it. "I find it very practical: vehicles open from the application itself, you are covered by insurance and it is a commitment to shared models."


Proposals of leisure with animals, public places where they are welcome and activities to do with them.

Dog Buddy

When Elvira needs to travel or has a full schedule, she leaves Viento, her dog, in the hands of a kangaroo she finds in this application. "You can select if you want to just take him out or stay with him for one or more days. It's great because you have reviews and it's all very transparent. "

Mad Bike

It is not the official public bicycle rental application in Madrid, but an alternative that provides more accurate information.


Rental of electric cars in Madrid. "I use it a lot. It is essential to approach a non-polluting mobility ".

Do you have salt?

"It's an application made by and for the neighborhoods. In it you find activities, recommendations, you can make requests and even find friends who live in two blocks. Is fantastic".


A very extensive catalog of audiobooks to be listened to at any time.

the newspaper

"I really like the interface and the way in which notifications from this medium reach the mobile".


"The Real Academia Española app is essential to consult any doubt about the correct use of the language. Not only for poets, but for anyone who aspires to pamper the language a bit. "


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