The approval of the president of Peru rises 16 points and reaches 61 percent

The approval of the president of Peru rises 16 points and reaches 61 percent

The approval to the president of Peru, Martin Vizcarra, rose 16 points and reaches 61%, the largest increase in a single month that has achieved a Peruvian president so far this century, said an opinion poll published today by the newspaper Trade.

The study, carried out by the private company Ipsos, indicated that support for the president, who took office last March after the resignation of Pedro Pablo Kucyznski, increased from 45% to 61%, between September and October, while his disapproval it dropped from 44% to 28%.

The newspaper recalled that the popularity of the president was 45% last September and stressed that this is the first time so far this century that a president amounts to 16 points in just one month and that no other government reached more than 60% of approval after its first three months of management in recent years.

The survey detailed that 40% of the total that approves Vizcarra does it because it considers that it is working to fight corruption, 33% say it has good ideas or plans and another 22% highlights its capacity for dialogue and agreement.

Among those who disapprove of the president, 43% believe that there is corruption in their government, 29% say that the president does not care about improving citizen security and 26% do not see further progress in the economy.

The survey also indicated that support for Prime Minister César Villanueva rose from 18% to 28% and his disapproval stood at 39%, while the president of Congress, the Fujimorista Daniel Salaverry, is approved by 16% and disapproved by 53%.

He added that the approval to the Government rose from 30% to 43% in the last month, and the disapproval fell from 62% to 47%, while the Congress went from 11% to 15% approval and from 83% to 77% disapproval.

Citizens also expressed their support for Vizcarra's position of asking that the referendum on December 9th be returned to the bicameral Congress, on the grounds that its initial proposal was "denaturalized" during its debate in the Legislative .

After his request, support for this last proposal decreased by 18 points, going from 53% in September to 35% in October.

The other three proposals, referred to the reform of the National Council of the Magistracy, the regulation of the financing of the parties and the non-re-election of congressmen, are supported by 66%, 61% and 62% of the population, respectively.

49% of Peruvians also said that they consider that the non-re-election of parliamentarians should be applied so that current congressmen can not run for Congress in 2021.

According to the technical data sheet, the Ipsos study was conducted between October 10 and 12, 1253 people across the country, and has a margin of error of 2.7% and a confidence level of 95%.


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