May 27, 2020

The Approach addresses the consequences of "living in functions" – The Province

Hepolitical blockadewhich has led to new elections has serious consequences on the day to day of the Canaries. The paralysis, caused by aacting government, affects thepension increaseor to the increase in the minimum wage and preventsmore economic resources for roads, forhealthoreducation.

In the special report ofFocusthis Thursday from 9:30 p.m. inCanary Televisionand with the title"Live in functions", the program will develop all these matters with the explanations of experts and testimonies of canaries that relate how they live this situation.

This is the case of pensioners, whose payments could only be revalued at a low 0.25% if a legal formula to match them to the CPI is not found. Also affected are the 110,000 Canarian workers who charge the Minimum Interprofessional Salary and lose purchasing power in a scenario of price increases. The increase to 1,000 euros of this salary for 2020 still does not materialize.

The lack of a government with full capacities harms the transporters and neighbors who daily cross the collapsed roads of our archipelago. The Canary Islands are awaiting the end of the political blockade to receive 500 million more with which to run new roads.

And it is not the only money that this autonomous community has stopped receiving because of a functioning government. The islands are also awaiting another 223 million euros of regional financing to be able to balance the Canary Islands accounts and improve essential public services such as health or dependency.

Political news

The Approach will also address the political news derived from this electoral call. We will offer, among other matters, the latest forecasts on the results of the surveys of the different political formations.

We will also connect live with some of these political leaders to offer us their impressions. We will also analyze and discuss how to prevent these situations of institutional blockade that paralyze an entire country from occurring again.

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