Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The appointment without cameras of Silvia ends in confidence

MYHYV: La primera cita sin cámaras de Silvia acaba en confidencia

Silvia, tronista of Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) will start the week with a great controversy inside his throne. And it is that what began as a beautiful first date without cameras soon ended up turning into an avalanche of confidences towards the suitor, who will not know where to leave.

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Your meeting was very good, very correct, very exciting. This can be seen clearly by the brightness in the eyes of the tronista and a smile that will support him. It is not a minor issue. The appointment was very good between both. However, what happened after it could affect the future of his suitor.

Andrea or Irene?

"You were with a pretender named Irene"He will be reproached by a comrade and rival on the throne. "It is that I have been told by Andrea, then one of the two", said Silvia on her part, aware that she has a confidence in him. Will you confess? Will they be right?

In any case, the question is whether this will have consequences on the throne or on the contrary it will go unnoticed. This second option is more unforeseen so everything points to this Monday will be anything but quiet chapter of the dating show of the mornings of Four. ¿Some more confidence to know?

Silvia, tronista of 'MYHYV'.

Silvia, tronista of 'MYHYV'.

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