The application for a place for the next school year will be from March 8 to 26

Back to school in the capital, last September.  |  |  JUAN CASTRO

Back to school in the capital, last September. | | JUAN CASTRO

The Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands will open on March 8 the period to apply for a place in the schools and public institutes of the region for the 2021-2022 academic year. Parents or guardians will have until the 26th of the same month to present the requests, after which, the educational centers will be in charge of managing and drawing up the provisional lists of admitted and not admitted that will be announced on April 13, as as specified in the calendar included in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands (BOC) published on February 8. We will have to wait until June 11 to know the final award.

According to the official document, the admission procedure will apply to students who “join a center for the first time to start or continue teaching in Early Childhood Education (EI), Primary Education (EP) or Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO)”. Students who change their educational environment or assignment will also have to carry out the procedure, as well as those who pass a stage or course in private concerted centers, “even if the student is from the center itself, when it comes from a stage or course not included in the concert”.

In the first case, the school place for the first year of the first cycle of IE may be requested for those children who are born at the time “of this call” or their birth is scheduled before “July 1, 2021”. However, the BOC clarifies that “you will not be able to join the center when you are less than sixteen weeks old.” On the other hand, to enter the first year of PE, students are required to turn six this year; while the ESO stage will take place between 12 and 16 years old.

The public schools and institutes of the Islands will have until March 8 to complete through the page of the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports, the data corresponding to the number of students of the current school year, as well as the forecast of those who will promote and join the affiliation center. They must also facilitate the secretarial schedule, among others.

It will be from March 8 when parents can request the place of minors in schools and institutes. The application may request a maximum of three educational centers, in order of preference. The BOC also indicates that those requests for the second cycle of EI, EP, and ESO “may be presented” by electronic means or in person. The deadline to carry out this procedure will end on March 26.

We will have to wait until April 13 to know the list of participants from the admitted or not admitted educational centers that can be consulted individually on the counseling page. As of that day and until April 26, the deadline will be open for those participants who are required to do the scale documentation, “fill in and prove the necessary data and the alleged circumstances.”

The forecast is that on May 21 the provisional list for the allocation of places will be reported.

Since then the parents or guardians will count until the 25th of the same month to present allegations or resignations.

Final list

Thus, on June 11, the final lists will be announced and the admission application will be opened for applications submitted after the deadline. “Each applicant will be able to check the breakdown of the score obtained according to the different admission criteria, using for access the application code and also the CIAL or the ID number of the applicant or of the parents or guardians” .

From June 11 to 28, the regular enrollment period for Early Childhood Education and Primary Education will start; While enrollment for Compulsory Secondary Education can be made from June 11 to July 7. Students admitted to the different teachings must present the required documentation at the educational center.


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