Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

The applauded allegation of Sandra Sabatés on sexist violence

El aplaudido alegato de Sandra Sabatés sobre violencia machista

Certain judicial rulings on sexist violence continue to outrage a broad sector of society, and also numerous public figures. Upon confirmation of the judgment of The pack on the part of the TSJ of Navarre, the polemic returns. The majority of the magistrates ratified that what happened in the Sanfermines 2016 was a sexual abuse with prevalimiento, while two of them, alluded to the sexual aggression (rape) to the victim. In this regard, Sandra Sabatés He wanted to express his dismay and make it clear that these sentences tend to criminalize and put the focus on the behavior of the victim and not the aggressor.

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its speech against macho violence It has been so applauded in networks that it has become a viral phenomenon.

The journalist focused on the most controversial sentences on sexist violence

"It is clear that the Justice of our country continues to focus too many times on the behavior of the victim or imposing derisory penalties for crimes of maximum severity", Began his Sabatés allegation visibly angered by the seriousness of the crime.

It was not the only sentence he commented on. The journalist focused on the most controversial rulings that occurred in the last month. "It is time for this to change and for machismo to disappear definitively from the courts," he said. "We do not want to see more cases in which a sentence to a man who tries to kill his wife is practically nothing"He continued.

"That machismo disappears definitively from the courts"

"Nor do we want to see how the punishments of rapists are reduced arguments as absurd as the victim did not resist enough or as crazy as I've studied interpretation, "he added.

Finally, Sabatés launched a reflection: "The women of this country We need justice once and for all to stop us from failing. "

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