The appearance of Ábalos supposes "catching the bull by the horns"

The appearance of Ábalos supposes "catching the bull by the horns"

The president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, said Friday that the request of the Minister of Development, José Luis Abalos, to appear in the Congress of Deputies to report the rail service Extremadura means "catch the bull by the horns" in relation to this matter.

The head of the Executive of Extremadura, which today visited the troops of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) who work in the camalote cleaning of the Guadiana River in Badajoz, said that this decision shows that Ábalos is "enormously worried" for what has happened in the region, which recorded four railway incidents in only 24 hours.

"They are analyzing and conclusions will be drawn," said Fernández Vara.

"I want to think that these conclusions will be positive so that they do not happen again, they are facts that can not be used as a weapon, but as an instrument of reflection so that they never happen again," he added.

From the appearance of Ábalos, Fernández Vara expects the commitment that this type of incident, especially as recorded in Navalmoral de la Mata, where a train, without light or heating, broke down at night with 163 passengers on board, do not turn to produce, "and that all the elements are made available to make it so."

"There will be breakdowns, as there are cars and buses, but not occur in the terms of the other day under any circumstances," he remarked.


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