March 7, 2021

The Antonio Padrn House-Museum anticipates this Sunday the International Book Day – The Province

The Antonio Padrn House-Museum anticipates this Sunday the International Book Day - The Province

Workshops, exhibitions, recitals, music, book delivery, literary installations … The Antonio Padrón House Museum. Indigenous Art Center is anticipated this Sunday April 21 to World Book Day (celebrated on the 23rd), with a great Book Party for all audiences.

A wait is expected intense day of activities programmed starting at 11.00, free admission and with the participation of the Association of Writers and Writers Word and Verse, as well as singer-songwriter Heriberto Cruz. This appointment is included in the agenda that drives the Cabildo of Gran Canaria during this month of April, on the occasion of International Book Day.

The museum center of Gáldar puts this appointment as the epicenter of the book, planning different actions aimed at fostering the love of culture, literary creation and reading. In fact, the Antonio Padrón House Museum has been organizing a workshop visit throughout the month of April Multiple Microrrelatos, intended for students of Compulsory Secondary Education, and which is designed for students to elaborate short stories collectively. For this, the proposal of literary creation of the multi-book, devised by Gianni Rodari: several questions are asked about a painting and the students present their different answers that, connected to each other, give the fruit of the micro-stories.

In regard to the great Book Festival in the aforementioned center will be held different workshops, recitals, book delivery, musical activities or exhibitions aimed at a family audience.

For this, it counts on the participation of the Association of Writers and Writers Word and Verse: a group of authors who have united with the objective of promoting and promoting the creation and dissemination of the literary creations of its members, as well as promoting the reading of island literary production in the different municipalities of the Canary Islands. Among its members are Martín Abreu, Marlenis Castellanos, Eva Cubas, Manuel Díaz García, Manuel Díaz Martínez, Olivia Falcón, Inma Flores, Eduardo García, Isa Guerra, Rosario Ibrahim, Roberto Iglesias, Francisco Lezcano Lezcano, Pepa Marrero, Irma Ariola Medina Cuevas , Rubén Mettini, Josefa Molina, Margarita Otero, Juan Francisco Santana or Megt Eugenia Tavío.

The guiding singer-songwriter Heriberto Cruz will also be present at this event. A "writer of sung lyrics" who repeats presence in this celebration in the museum center of Gáldar, and who in his career has been part of bands such as Raíces or Rock de Caña. The singer contributed a text of his, Butterflies girl, to the first edition of the Writings to Padrón (edited by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria), and which brought together proposals from artists from different disciplines around the work of the Galician painter Antonio Padrón. Texts converted into songs by Cruz with the endorsement of the House-Museum.

Antonio Padrón House-Museum. Center for Indian Art

Inaugurated in 1971, the House-Museum Antonio Padrón de Gáldar. Centro de Arte Indigenista materialized the desire of the family to open a center dedicated to the memory and work of the painter galdense with the purpose of acquiring, conserving, researching and disseminating, for purposes of study, education and enjoyment, the work of Padrón, and of the current that was raised the need to found an insular artistic tradition that reflected on its identity signs, that could reflect the way of seeing the insular nature, as well as the way of interpreting its social reality: the indigenismo.


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