May 16, 2021

The anniversary of the death of George Orwell is celebrated

The anniversary of the death of George Orwell is celebrated

Today just 69 years ago, society lost one of its more explicit whipping within the world of literature. George Orwell, prolix author who always showed against totalitarianism, perished on January 21 of the year 1950. To this day there are no talking pigs or the Police of Thought, but governments based on individual authority (reflected in Rebelion on the farm) and societies that wander like sheep with their heads bowed to the regime in which they graze (faithful represented in 1984).

Of course, George Orwell has more books to his credit, but those two are those that best reflect the intention of the writer. Rebelion on the farm it's a demolisher fable that tells the story of a group of animals that are subjected to a coup by the Napoleon pig. The book is a metaphor for the Russian revolution and a satire of the Czarist and Stalinist regimes that was later adapted to the cinema, to the comic and will be, in the future, to the video game.

1984 However, he holds the position of "Best-known novel of the Orwellian anthology". Deserved, of course: the book places a sad character in a society governed by the Big Brother, an organism that dictates the lines of action of the entire population. There is no room for love, fantasy or the most precious of oneself: freedom. Double-thinking (the ability to have two opposing thoughts in the mind) reigns, and therefore society is able to affirm that two plus two is five, and if they do not, suffer a brainwashing so as not to deviate from the drawn line for The Party. A very hard shake that could look today in the eyes to North Korea.

Between surveillance cameras and farms, the author drew almost 70 years ago a model of society that is not far from the reality of many current societies. Who knows if, in the future, we shall regret not having read George Orwell more.


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