April 22, 2021

The Annex, the ruin of the subsidiary – The Province

The Annex, the ruin of the subsidiary - The Province

The subsidiary of the UD is in trouble. The Juan Manuel Rodriguez box succumbed yesterday (0-1) against Real Valladolid B and is three points down. In the 71 ', came the goal of Zalazar that was definitive to stretch the local yellow depression. The last island victory in Siete Palmas goes back to November 25. The 'small candle' has five home matches with a balance of three draws and two losses. There are reasons for the alarm.

And it is that Las Palmas Atlético does not finish dissipating the doubts that hover around him. The team led by Juan Manuel could not score against a direct rival, in his fight to avoid the relegation to Tercera, like Valladolid B, who surpasses him in the table. The yellows paid dearly for their lack of success in attack and suffer a new defeat (the ninth after 24 games), which brings them – dangerously – to the relegation places in the Third Division.

The first 45 minutes passed with alternate domain. Both teams showed their low form in the last days of the competition – despite the fact that they had won on the last day – and the fear of not adding them took their toll. It was the panic party.

All this caused that the opportunities of goal shone by his absence during the first act. Only Cedrés, in the equator, was close to inaugurating the electronic. However, the attacker grancanario did not succeed in his attempt to finish before the goal Pucelano Samu.

Tactical readjustment and drama

After halftime, the dynamics of the shock changed slightly. Las Palmas Atlético stepped forward and began to command on the green. Those in the Annex combined on the offensive plot at high speed. Seeking the gaps that could leave the vallisoletana behind.

Little it would last this dominion to the premises, since Real Valladolid B overcame this situation and was launched by its adversaries. The first to warn would be El Hacen, with an accurate shot that found a better response from the goal of the Gran Canaria team Josep.

In the replica, the insulares returned to have in the boots of the incisive Cedrés the possibility of scoring; but – again – the attacker was erratic in the final decision making. He lacked the final thrust. From Expósito, there was no news.

It would be in 71 ', when the visitors would give the final blow. Zalazar sought to surprise Josep with a powerful shot; which was repelled by the yellow goal. However, Zalazar himself picked up the rebound and scored at will. He lacked forcefulness in a behind punished by a hellish heat. We had to row against the current to link a new victory after the last one in Navalcarnero (0-1). But the Annex seems a cursed fiefdom.

Pending subject

From this moment, Las Palmas Atlético looked hard for the equalizer. Although he had no fortune and ended up walking empty, once again. He finished with three forwards and cornered the Valladolid B in his garden. It was not the morning, there was no way to crush a rival who did show more solidity.

After a hopeful start – three victories in the first four days – the subsidiary beat invincible. In the absence of fourteen days (42 points), the guillotine of the descent is three units. No more can be granted in the Annex. They have flown 19 points in Siete Palmas and doubts are triggered in the nursery.


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