July 27, 2021

The ankle, the last enemy of Nadal | sports

The ankle, the last enemy of Nadal | sports

Elbow, feet, knees, back, appendix, wrist, psoas … And now, ultimately, the thirty-year-old body of Rafael Nadal He faces a last setback that forced him to go through the operating room on Monday and will separate him from the Masters Cup for the sixth time in his career: the ankle. To date, the Mallorcan had never suffered a significant injury in the joint, but while speculating on whether the patellan would respond well in the appointment teacher of London or if the abdominal problems that prevented him from competing in Paris-Bercy the previous week would have disappeared, came a news as novel as surprising.

Until Monday, there was no official record of the Mallorcan (32 years old) suffering any problem in the ankle, where an "intra-articular free body" had been lodged, according to the medical part signed by your trusted doctor, Ángel Ruiz Cotorro. However, Nadal recognized through his social networks that dragged the disease for a long time and now was the right time to alleviate it. "We had detected it for a long time and from time to time it bothered me," said the Manacor, who went through the operating room closed a course accompanied by three major physical setbacks.

"It has been a complicated year, very good at the tennis level when I was able to play and at the same time very bad as far as injuries are concerned," acknowledged the number two, affected this season of the iliac psoas (72 low), the patellar tendon (55) and the ankle. The first one separated him in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open and the second of the semifinals of New York, and the third one definitively truncated him the step in a year in which has renounced more tournaments (10) than he has played (9). He also notes that Nadal is resistant to the final stage and the Masters Cup, an event he has never won and to which he also had to resign in 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

In this way, it was confirmed that Novak Djokovic will finish the 2018 exercise as number one, given that he leads Nadal by 565 points and the rent will grow in the O2 of Greenwich. The Serbian (31 years old) has taken the throne by drawing a line diametrically opposite that of the Mallorcan. Despite the setback in Melbourne, this marked another splendid spring with the trophies of Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Rome and Roland Garros, adding during the summer a notch in Montreal. Meanwhile, Nole traveled in the opposite direction: he invested a very hard half year to get almost everything from July, to ascend to the top of the ranking and to intimidate again.

From Melbourne whiplash to closing in the operating room

Now, the physicist returns to be the biggest trap for Nadal, that will end the year having played 49 games, when in 2017 he competed in 78. Little by little, the misfortune has caused that it had to pluck leaves to its calendar and of the 19 fixed tournaments to the beginning it has had to resign to 10, completing only seven. His will and that of his technical body was to dose and reduce the burden with respect to other years, but at will and not his own constitution. His chassis, however, gives him a new slap because between the objectives of Nadal before hanging the racket there are two underlines: reconquer Wimbledon and become at least once in the Master.

It will not be now and its low opens the way to the American John Isner, for the first time among the eight best tennis players of the season. The other contenders will be Djokovic, Federer, Alexander Zverev, Kevin Anderson, Marin Cilic, Dominic Thiem and the Japanese Kei Nishikori. "I have done everything possible to reach the end in good conditions. I really wanted to play, "lamented the Balearic Islands through Twitter.

Of sinsabor in sinsabor, as far as injuries are concerned, Nadal has found a last enemy: ankle. He opened with a whiplash in the rooms of Melbourne, continued with another sting in Flushing Meadows and closing with a step in the operating room. With the exception of his eleventh decoration at the Bois de Boulogne, in June, 2018 has been hostile to him, aspiring to achieve the goal that repeats itself every other day: to be healthy so that he can play tennis on a continuous basis.

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