The anger of the Almería coach that has gone viral: “Respect!”

José Gomes, during his press conference.

José Gomes, during his press conference.

José Gomes, Portuguese coach of Almería, vehemently complained this Saturday about the penalty called in the 99th minute and that meant the tie 1-1 from Leganés at the Mediterranean Games stadium.

“In Portugal we say that if you do not feel, you are not the son of good people. And I am the son of good people “the Almeria coach shouted.

“I am very angry with what they are doing to my team, to my club! We deserve respect! You have to respect these people who work hard, who work every day to be serious in the games! And then for one thing or another … “, he said very annoyed.

“Video arbitration is a spectacular tool if used well. If there is not one hundred percent certainty of what has happened, he cannot intervene, “he added.

“The referee had whistled what he had to whistle because it is a foul on Maras, to seek contact with Maras. How can it end up being a penalty against us? What do we want from our football? What do we want to do to our football?“, He said.

“They have harmed us with something that has not existed and I have to say it. With all due respect. But it was a fault in our favor,” he said.


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