The anger of Risto Mejide with Toni Cantó: “He has deceived all the spectators”

Toni Cantó he was willing to sign for ‘Everything is a lie’ after announcing his departure from Citizens. However, the new signing of Popular Party would have broken his word, as he has affirmed Risto Mejide during the afternoon of this Thursday. “I do not want to sulk,” the presenter began by saying, finally acknowledging his disappointment with the politician.

Risto has argued that “one can change his mind in his life”, since that means that “you evolve and change”. “One can even change the party by principle, it also happens to the voters. Today we are going to talk about a person who has not only failed his voters. We are going to talk about everything you haven’t seen about Toni Cantó“He added at the beginning of ‘Everything is a lie’.

The space has shown throughout this afternoon a series of messages in which he sang, without actually signing any contract, accepted the proposal he had received from the Cuatro program. “I am not angry, I am deeply saddened by what this man has revealed to the team of this program, for what he has done with the viewers. I’m very sorry, Toni, but we have to do it, “said Risto.

“We will demonstrate with tests how Toni Cantó has fooled all the viewers of this show. He has made us believe that he would be an analyst for this program, “he commented before showing some of the conversations between the politician and the ‘Todo es lie’ team.

On Tuesday, March 23, the program asked him to try Wednesday as a collaborator. “Is there a chance to start next week? I need to disconnect a bit please”He sang replied. Yesterday, when he announced that he will be part of the PP in the Community of Madrid as an independent, he agreed to participate as an analyst on Monday 29. “We have the following news at eight thirty in the afternoon, when we read that the PP has confirmed that Toni Cantó will go on Ayuso’s list to the elections“, has lamented Marta Flich.


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