Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

The anger of Antonio Lobato against a radar of Manuela Carmena

La ira de Lobato contra un radar de Carmena

Antonio Lobato has been hunted by a Radar of the M-30 of Madrid to circulate at 74 km / h in a zone limited to 70. Something that has annoyed the narrator of Formula 1 accustomed to seeing cars circulating above 300 km / h in closed circuits. The journalist, who does not usually use social networks for these personal matters, has exploded against the collection efforts of the Madrid City Council governed by Manuela Carmena.

"I do not usually get angry or use social networks to protest, but today I'm going to do it. Last week I received a notice of a fine from Madrid City Council for driving at 74 km / h on a section of the M30 of 70", Starts saying Lobato, which places the exact point of the radar at kilometer 19.8 north, near the bridge of the French.

"It is a fixed radar that in the past had a limit of 90 km / h and that the city council decided to change. I do not know if the accidents have been reduced, but it is clear that the change was profitable because, with the change, 1,000 drivers a day fall on this radar … ", he continued.

However, the lace has arrived when he has tried to pay the fine that amounts to 100 euros and that he enjoys a bonus of 50% payable before 20 days. When Lobato tries to do the management, the website of the City Council says that "I'm out of time." "Oysters! If the fine came to me last week", He complains while claiming that the telephone system to pay" falls "constantly.

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