April 16, 2021

The Andalusian president assures “that this wave can be controlled” and does not have “on the table” a tightening of the restrictions

The President of the Board, Juanma Moreno, pointed out this Monday that the Andalusian Government does not have “on the table” at the present time to tighten the restrictions currently in force due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Andalusia, nor in relation to mobility nor to “freedom of economic activity.” Despite the fact that his vice president, Jua Marín, before the negative evolution of the Covid has commented this morning that “If we have to go back to schedules that we already had, we would do it”, Moreno has asserted that “it is not within our calculations right now”, with the cumulative incidence rate of infections currently present in Andalusia, “to be more restrictive with the hotel and restaurant industry; in short, with the freedom of economic activity and the mobility of citizens”.

To questions from journalists at a press conference during a visit to the Virgen Macarena Hospital in Seville, the Chairman of the Board has spoken this way two days after the Alerts Advisory Council meets this Wednesday, April 7. High Impact Public Health – known as the expert committee that advises the Board on the pandemic – to review the restrictions in force until April 9 in Andalusia.

Juanma Moreno has asserted that Andalusia has been “the most restrictive autonomous community in Spain” and “the only one that has closed” mobility between its provinces not only for the recently concluded Holy Week, but even since “two weeks before” that celebration .

“In principle, it would not be in our plans” to tighten these restrictions, “unless the committee of experts unanimously tells us otherwise,” according to the president, who has called for “great prudence” and has advocated for “waiting a little longer “before tightening the restrictions.

“I believe that this wave can be controlled, and we are going to see if the decisions of three weeks ago bear fruit,” as Juanma Moreno has abounded, to reiterate that “it is not on the table right now to take more restrictive measures.”


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